We're off to our 3rd strongest start in Franchise History;

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Re: We're off to our 3rd strongest start in Franchise Histor 

Post#41 » by kane » Sat Dec 15, 2012 4:06 am

and just think we started last year 8-15 and even if we crap out and go 1-3 over the next 4 we have reversed that lol
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Re: We're off to our 3rd strongest start in Franchise Histor 

Post#42 » by Kampuchea » Sat Dec 15, 2012 4:24 am

that other site is unreadable due to the prior trolls from this board. TKF gives credit to Kidd in a way to discredit Anthony. Or maybe try and turn it into a player A / player B debate....has he pitted our own players against each other like that with previous rosters?

Dk7 posts advanced stats that "prove" the Melo isnt that good of a player.

KnicksGod I had requested another admin to allow me to add him to ignore list, but I think with no TKF for him to get into arguments with I would love to see him back again. RealGM is the top Knicks fan site community-wise right now.
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Re: We're off to our 3rd strongest start in Franchise Histor 

Post#43 » by 21shumpshumpst » Sat Dec 15, 2012 4:37 am

NYK-Mentality wrote:
truth serum wrote:For some reason, you have a lot of haters on this board which is grade A bullsh*t!

You are the ultimate Knicks fan. Much love to you and your awesome threads.

Nah man, I deserve some of my dislike. Nice feeling to see posters who I've always enjoyed welcome me back, but it will humble you as a person when random stangers over a Knicks forum wish the worst upon you. It makes you wonder why. I'm not a perfect fan and/or poster. I'm not a perfect person. I can admit when I'm wrong. I allowed such little aspects in life to get me banned from the most crazy Knicks forum in the world. Little things like an official game thread during the preseason and/or start of the regular season. Why did I want something such as an official gameday thread so bad? Why pressure the mod's (Knick fans) on allowing this thread and/or that thread? I wasn't using my head.

I only thought about myself and what I enjoyed during the offseason, instead of putting myself in the shoes of hard working mods. This place is a jungle. They were only trying to keep everything non Knicks related in one spot such as Lin, opposing players and teams, games etc, etc. I took the All Around the NBA thread as a power trip away from the people but forgot, these guys are Knick fans too. And after being banned and having time to think upon it? I noticed where I was wrong. These mods are first and foremost Knick fans. Only wanted to keep peace and structure within a jungle of a forum. Not only Knick fans, but opposing team fans who come here to derail, highjack, troll and cause problems in life. So instead of asking for a gameday thread, getting under their skin, I should have just enjoyed the threads that were already created for my Knicks fan enjoyment.

I was banned, and understood why. I didn't play my position. It's not a good feeling to see a ---- when you try and sign on in order to post about the Knicks. A date that lets you know that you're no longer wanted and/or welcomed. Having to use google in order to look for a new Knick site where everything and everyone seem so different. Feeling like I'm the new guy during each and every post over there. Being treated like a rookie sports fan and/or outsider from another neighborhood. If I'm banned tonight? I'll understand. I'm a former banned poster. Not looking to create a fake account and/or deceive people. If I can't be myself? I rather become a Knicks poster elsewhere. It just sucks because since I've been gone, lots the posters from the other fan base looks at my post's as if I'm a bandwagon fan who just started following the team by my join date.

It's easy to admit when you're wrong. Especially when you've had time to think about it. Becoming a father in life stopped me in my tracks. To have a little girl showed me karma first hand. You wanna protect your little girl for the rest of her life. Evil men and people are out there. Such as the one who pulled the gun out and murdered innocent babies today. Even took the lives of his parents I heard. I have to figure out a way in life, to keep those people out of her life. That's by being involved and playing a game of chess with her friends later on in life, but while playing chess... Feeling them out and ready to check mate em on the spot. If he even so much looks at her with the funny eye, but yea, I don't wanna talk about it. She's only two and I'm already stressing about her first "BF". After my mom passed away? I found a love for writing. Especially about sports. Nothing can take out the burning hunger and desire of missing her. Married. Beautiful wife. Something special I never seen as a daughter. Still an empty feeling. She was my everything from before I could learn, talk or remember. After we lost to Miami last year during the playoffs? I never created a fire everyone thread. I created a thread thanking a bunch of random Knick fans for allowing me the opportunity to talk basketball with you all. Don't have any idea how much it helped me. As I was out cutting class, playing ball instead of being in school and smoking trees my mom always told me I was the best writer of anyone in my family. I was proud of her words. She seen past the bad grades as not having a love for school, but seen something in the way I wrote about life and especially sports.

With all that said as a man and loving father, I can admit when I'm wrong. I would want my daughter to do the same in life. Why I would stress out a mod over something as little as a thread topic in regards to gameday threads from opposing teams in which I don't even watch each and every night? Foolish. When the Knicks are on T.V? And I used to post during these gameday threads? I felt like I was inside of MSG arena (and I'm in Florida). But yea, so long RealGM. Just know that, if we ever win the championship? NYK Mentality is out there, somewhere, and celebrating.

I just came back from being suspended for trolling the Knicks forum and I see this. Man if anyone deserves to come back its you. I know you were over the top homerific but I would rather have a person who has so much believe in the Knicks that he writes freaking books on them than some idiot telling me how Melo is overrated or Felton is fat then pretend he is a Knicks fan.

Good post man I hope they let you stay.
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Re: We're off to our 3rd strongest start in Franchise Histor 

Post#44 » by gavran » Sat Dec 15, 2012 7:59 am

And the winner of this year's GKF award is.....

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