Official Panic Thread

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Re: Official Panic Thread 

Post#76 » by Mr_Perfect » Sat Feb 23, 2013 11:13 am

Clyde_Style wrote:
Mr_Perfect wrote:Actually, Dolan is and always will be a failure with this franchise. This is nothing new.

You actually do post with the same style as your avatar, like some wrestler shouting the same thing at every opponent. Try some modulation, because many people feel similarly as you do on certain principles, but you can take it to the point of sounding like a cartoon.

I'm very short and to the point with my style but I'll elaborate a little more...

We had one good GM in over a decade and he was run out of town by Dolan. Now that same GM is kicking our ass with a better team in Indiana.

Look who the GM and coach are...two puppets hired by Dolan who are part of the Isiah Thomas Country Club. It's the same old, same old with this team. Dolan wants a lap dog as a GM. He cares more about power and control than winning. Look at how much effort he puts into avoiding the media. If only he put half that effort into putting a good team on the floor.

We need better guard play and youth but it's all for nothing. As long as Dolan is running this franchise we will always be mediocre to awful.

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