Tickets to Broadway

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Tickets to Broadway 

Post#1 » by PumaClyde » Sat Feb 23, 2013 3:06 pm

The Knicks claim MSG as the Mecca of basketball...When in reality it's just another broadway show.

A place for celebrities to come out and get some face time, mugging with not a shred of Knick gear.

The players - merely actors who speak their lines and go through the motions of a long running show.

On the road, we play the villian for every little market to beat on and feel good about their crappy city/team.

MSG brass don't care about no chip, they want to put on a show just good enough

to justify the salaries and ticket prices for their overpaid, lazy, divas.

The program for tonight's show...Act one through four.

Isolation, followed by pick and roll, followed by more isolation, and lastly...desperate chucking.

Watch the point guard with his head down, watch the old man chuck threes...maybe.

Not see the invisible three...

See the 3/4's soliloquy over and over...and over some more, as he carries the cast night after night.

The former champion five- having seen the mountain top,
does not have the every night drive of a climber fearing the unknown.

The understudies are understudies and shouldn't be on stage for an extended time.

It should be the best show on broadway due to the unpredictable endings,

But the director keeps tossing out that predictable, uncreative, hacked script over and over again.

We've been watching this play for the last 11 years, we gotta hope for a better ending.

Knicks are good for a night on the town...I don't know if they really care about winning a chip.

"When two teams suck, the hustler always wins- Puma

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