GT: NYK (19-22) @ MIN (27-16) Captain TripLe DabuLLs vs KAT, You're In... 1/12 8PM

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Re: GT: NYK (19-22) @ MIN (27-16) Captain TripLe DabuLLs vs KAT, You're In... 1/12 8PM 

Post#721 » by ibraheim718 » Sat Jan 13, 2018 3:27 am

ibraheim718 wrote:
That's fine but he's still producing better than our rookie and he's playing decent enough at age 60. If anythign you would think the rest of these guys or such "talent" would make use of this guys effort.

Jack gets to do whatever he wants tho without fear or repercussions. The kid can't make a mistake before he's yanked.

All he has to do is contribute to the offense and I bet he doesn't get pulled as quickly. His defense is not good enough to keep him on the floor.

I honestly don't see him get enough time to do that? Especially when you consider he's a pass first player.

he got 15 minutes tonight. Averages out to 7.5 minutes a half. How much do you think he could contribute in that amount of time. He's not Jamal Crawford. He likes to set teammates up.. which also is contributing to the offense.
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Re: GT: NYK (19-22) @ MIN (27-16) Captain TripLe DabuLLs vs KAT, You're In... 1/12 8PM 

Post#722 » by god shammgod » Sat Jan 13, 2018 3:29 am

i'm giving frank a pass for the year. i'll start sh*tting on him next year if he don't look better. it's like i said though, he aint getting invited to the rookie sophomore game. lol
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Re: GT: NYK (19-22) @ MIN (27-16) Captain TripLe DabuLLs vs KAT, You're In... 1/12 8PM 

Post#723 » by dakomish23 » Sat Jan 13, 2018 3:29 am

Mecca wrote:
dakomish23 wrote:
Mecca wrote:
lol right. THJ gets to the line 3.6 times a game which is a good amount. Obv not in top 50 w games missed.

A 3 and D guy is not what you need next to Frank. You need a scorer. That's what THJ is. And THJ plays slightly above avg defense. I'd even argue it's better than Lee's.

I turned off qualified and searched all players and he’s not top 50.

I def don’t see the slightly above average defense.

THJ is not consistent. Maybe he becomes that and I’m wrong. Right now I see him as a super sub. Seemed all right in that role tonight.

Again, he missed games. That obviously is a reason. He'd hover around top 50.

Outside of the first 5-6 games, THJ has been consistent. KP isn't consistent either so maybe he should be a 6th man as well?

THJ has shown enough to warrant a starting gig. Secondly, you can't pay 2 2 Guards money in free agency.

Per game. THJ is not too 50 per game.

KP is in his 3rd season and is the focus of the opponent’s scheme. THJ is the secondary option.

Here’s his numbers starting with the CLE breakout game:

19.7 PPG 4.8 RPG 3.8 APG 1.4 SPG
45% on 15.8 FGA
34% on 7.4 3PA
82% on 3.8 FTA

Go look at the game log. A lot of bad nights from him.

I’m not even knocking him. He’s a good player. Just think he’s better suited as the 6th man.
Dkillanyk4lyf wrote:Melo is the reason why we are in the mess we are in now. Acquiring him was the biggest mistake in knicks history.

blueNorange wrote:good thing knicks have kanter because willy looking pedestrian af
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Re: GT: NYK (19-22) @ MIN (27-16) Captain TripLe DabuLLs vs KAT, You're In... 1/12 8PM 

Post#724 » by BBALLER4FR » Sat Jan 13, 2018 3:29 am

thebuzzardman wrote:
thebuzzardman wrote:
KT didn't fall off like a weak b*tch each year though

They were still a garbage team then and for the forseeable future until Thibs brought his Bulls students.

True. Because their front office was wise enough to suck, they acquired some young talent, then pulled the trigger on deals, and managed the cap to bring in some guys at the end.

Knicks are trying to get to 36 wins to dilute whatever talent they have a shot at. Yay. :D

We've sucked. We have talent. What we don't have is a penetrating play maker from the PG spot (like Tyus) a reliable SG/SF rotation (When THJr is on Lee is off and vice versa) a franchise player who takes good shots (KP's 5/13 plummeted the FG pct) or a coach who even remotely recognizes this. We acquire defenders who can't score and scorers who can't defend. Beasley can score but is lazy in every every phase. Lance hustles but you cringe when he shoots. Same with Noah. They had Dieng, Bielija, Crawford all coming off the bench. Taj scores and defends, Kanter not so much. It's just piss poor construction.

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