OT IT Chapter 2

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Re: OT IT Chapter 2 

Post#41 » by magee » Wed Sep 11, 2019 9:37 pm

Looking forward to IT 2. For international films, Midsommar and Goodnight Mommy are effing creepy as all hell. Worth checking out.
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Re: OT IT Chapter 2 

Post#42 » by NYKnicksTAPE » Yesterday 9:42 pm

IT Chapter 1 was much better

this movie was long as hell, and the ending was cartoonish

great casting tho

the rewatchability of this movie is low IMO...I would never go see it a 2nd time in home, I could at least fast forward through the slow parts

tbf, I think the rewatchability of Avengers Endgame is low as well...I saw it again recently and just wanted to skip the whole 1st hour...Infinity War was definitely the better movie

Is it just me, or has 2019 been a pretty trash year for movies?
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Re: OT IT Chapter 2 

Post#43 » by gavran » 4 minutes ago

NYKnicksTAPE wrote:Is it just me, or has 2019 been a pretty trash year for movies?

Absolutely. The Knicks had a better 2019, than Hollywood.

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