2019-20 NYK schedule

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Re: 2019-20 NYK schedule 

Post#61 » by Ryusoulger » Thu Aug 15, 2019 7:07 am

melo4three wrote:
Clyde_Style wrote:Feel like they did us dirty making us play in Brooklyn before we even play our first home game. That's cold

Shutting up those cocky nets fans so early in the season on their court, nothing could be sweeter.

Id hate to break it to you. But nets are in playoff contention. A measly regular season loss to a knicks team that’s not really considered a playoff team would mean nothing to nets fans when we have teams like Philly, Boston and the Bucks that might truly stand in our way both in the regular season and playoffs. We lost to you guys last year in our first matchup the. Proceeded to win the season series and eventually went to the playoffs. That said though I Hope these new acquisitions help make the knicks a prime time team again though! Knicks got something to look forward to. Randle is a beast if he improves his defense!

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