Frank Thread 3: FIBA Frank Aftermath

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Re: Frank Thread 3: FIBA Frank Aftermath 

Post#741 » by a-French-Fan » Sat Aug 1, 2020 6:39 pm

Clyde_Style wrote:
MaseInYourFace wrote:
Clyde_Style wrote:
Knox has no motor and has no definitive skill on either end of the floor. By comparison, Frank has always had his defensive prowess to depend on to distinguish himself and build confidence with no matter what his other struggles were.

Frank shows out as a fairly cerebral player who DOES understand the offensive schemes. He is actually quite competent at executing the PnR and high-low dish plays, but the stupid coaches somehow didn't emphasize these bread and butter plays. All told, Frank's hoops IQ is above average overall.

Knox has looked lost since he came into the league and there are not too many signs yet his hoops IQ are decent and merely waiting to be developed.

And Knox seems to lack the hunger. He seems like he's going through the motions a lot of the time, but I think much of that was always due to him now knowing WTF he's doing out there on the floor. It is hard to play with passion when you're a deer in the headlights.

If something clicks and he starts to understand the game, maybe Knox will come off as more engaged. So far he seems too detached to take that seriously.

Finally, Knox usually has some of the worst body language I've seen in a pro, EVER. He sulks, hangs his head, it is embarrassing. He seems like a ten year old too often and not a pro player.

Frank has had his moments where you question his motivation and hunger. He can be a bit passive. I remember some quotes of things Frank said (maybe he expressed himself poorly in English which is not his native language) where it seemed he was complacent and didn’t want to fight for his place in nba. However, I don’t think it’s a lack of motor thing with him like it is with Knox. I think it is more of a confidence and mindset thing on offense with Frank.

I understand that. I would like to see what a season under proper management and coaching will do for him. The way this franchise handled him was atrocious and it shouldn't be surprising if it got him down sometimes.

Sometimes Bad management get your motivation out.
Difference between Knox and Ntilikina is that Frank is an international player. When he was drafted, it was After a very long year with a U18 euro championships and french Pro A finals. And what did the Knicks? A lot of marketing with a 19 years old player, ans wanted him ready for NBA as soon as possible, so didn't let him having some break. That was very stupid, he didn't complain, but imagine what he could think about this. Then, his association with KP could be great, but KP injuried was traded for ... DSJ. How could he feel some trust from FO and coach ... So let's see what will happen now with a new management..

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