OT- Daniel Jones or Sam Darnold? Who will have the better year?

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Who will have the better year and career? Daniel Jones or Sam Darnold?

Daniel Jones
Sam Darnold
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Re: OT- Daniel Jones or Sam Darnold? Who will have the better year? 

Post#61 » by Thepaintismine » Wed Oct 14, 2020 12:07 pm

-YogiBiz- wrote:
mpharris36 wrote:
MaseInYourFace wrote:The Jets I feel get lumped on so much more but he were sit and both the NY teams are putrid and have the same record lol. The Giants I feel have enough talent to have won at least 2 of these games.

coming from a giants fan....they don't

Gettleman has been worse than Jerry Reese and that is tough to do.

no barkely no shepard. Engram is super overrated. Slatyon is the only weapon on offense for Jones and the offensive line is bad.

Then there defense has very little talent.

The giants might have a bit more talent then the Jets...but its not as much as you think. If you combined the rosters I think both teams would still be 0-5

Shepard has been average af anyways. No one is missing his production. Slayton gonna be a solid #2 for this team for a while.

Honestly Kaden Smith should be starting over Engram. Jones looked better playing with Smith last year.

Big IF, but when you remove the injuries, he B really good, not great.

I think Jones is just a mo mature QB than Darnold and more consistent.
Hopefully he gets them fumbles under control, but wit dat line??? Too many blind hits yo.
Glad Giants didn't grab Darnold. So many QB's and high picks B flopping though.

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