Knicks- Hornets PG

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Re: Knicks- Hornets PG 

Post#461 » by Gravy » Wed Jan 13, 2021 6:06 am

If Mitch airballs his first shot it will be a year before he takes another one. :lol:
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Re: Knicks- Hornets PG 

Post#462 » by Thepaintismine » Wed Jan 13, 2021 9:38 am

prophet_of_rage wrote:
NoDopeOnSundays wrote:
Ghetto Gospel wrote:
Including bigs fg% at the rim is still relevant to the discussion because we're talking about offense as a whole. Finishing 60% at the rim for RJ would be good for him, but bad for an offense. With regards to Devin Booker, he also shot 64% his first year around the rim and ~42% from slightly further away from the rim compared to RJ's putrid ~25%.

I do think it's about catering the offense to RJ specifically because I don't see a scenario where playing RJ helps the team right now, so the fact that we are playing him means we are catering to him. I understand that we want to develop him, but development should be happening in the offseason not during games. He should have improved his finishing, shot, handles, defense, etc. then and we should be seeing the results now. It's frustrating that someone with a "monster work ethic" with all the "right intangibles" hasn't really improved going from his 1st to 2nd year

I'm not concerned with helping the team right now though, the way I see it, everything we're doing now should be with the vision of 3 years from now. We should be maximizing the young players chances to succeed or fail, the Hornets did that last year and found out Monk isn't very good, the Bulls are doing it this year. If putting the ball in RJ's hands more now helps him or lets us know whether or not he's truly worth investing in, we should be doing it. Never forget that the Wolves tried LaVine at PG, he was awful at it, but in the long run letting him try to play point helped him be developed as a secondary creator. He can play make now as a result of those early failings.

I have growing concerns with RJ's freethrow shooting, that is a troubling sign more than anything else, because that's not impacted by anything else. His current role can be linked to some of his offensive struggles, he's just not a good shooter being asked to shoot often, but the the freethrow shooting is all him with nobody else to really look at. Whatever we do, the end of the road leads to the same place, if we end up drafting Cade or Suggs, we can't have a PF playing on the ball as much as Randle, so we may as well rip that band aid off now.
If we draft Cade or Suggs and they are not immediate superstars then what?

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Drafting a PG that the board loves and in the top 5 would be a start for this franchise... Yo!

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