Knicks 106 wins Nets 105 wins

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Knicks 106 wins Nets 105 wins 

Post#1 » by Nbabrothers » Wed Apr 7, 2021 5:03 pm

I just heard that the Knicks have a 1 game lead over the Nets all time regular season. It was either 106/105 to 105/104 or so. This to me makes it a true rivalry just by the numbers being practically even.
I truly believe that as the team is currently constructed can beat any team in the NBA which would translate into at least one game win in the first round if we land higher than 6.
The tricky part is the play in. If we land and win the play in we will obviously meet either the Nets or Bucks or even Sixers. I truly believe that if we win one game that it would give our team the positivity that they can win more. I love this team except for mister obvious.
As long as we have Payton I would just tell him that when he is in the game to not shoot any threes or mid range jumpers and to only drive to the right if he is looking to score on a layup. Plus no turnovers.
Sorry for all the thoughts I layed out there but the playoffs are coming in May and I actually hope they make the playin instead of the 6seed or higher because they will get a chance at a better draft pick in the lottery.
Thoughts brothers?
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Re: Knicks 106 wins Nets 105 wins 

Post#2 » by mpharris36 » Wed Apr 7, 2021 5:04 pm

BAF Spurs:


James Wiseman/Chris Boucher/Aleksej PokuĆĄevski
Michael Porter Jr/Robert Williams III/Nic Batum
Bojan Bogdanovich /Isaac Okoro/Matt Thomas
RJ Barrett/Devin Vassell/Josh Green
Tyrese Haliburton/Terence Davis/PJ Dozier
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Re: Knicks 106 wins Nets 105 wins 

Post#3 » by KnicksGod » Wed Apr 7, 2021 5:42 pm

Goes to show how meaningless the whole thing is. Every team is 50-50 with every other team. The arc of history is long and bends toward entertaining ourselves for a few years and pretending there's meaning ;)
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