Knicks Offseason: List of Needs

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Needs for the Knicks

New PG
New SG
New SF
New C
Retain all these dudes
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Re: Knicks Offseason: List of Needs 

Post#381 » by HarthorneWingo » Thu Jun 10, 2021 6:54 am

moocow007 wrote:
prophet_of_rage wrote:No discussion on whether Oubre would be a good depth piece?

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Oubre is kinda like a JR Smith. He's got a lot of talent, maybe not superstar talent, but still a significant amount of talent. He's also 25 which fits with the core timeline. He pretty much has all the tools. But, as with JR Smith, you have to be able to use him correctly and push him. As Knick fans we've all seen the how good JR can be when he's on but you also have to live with his "issues". I would not be against adding him as part of the significant uptick in talent needed but not as the main get. I think Oubre under Thibs can have a MIP type of year.

Interesting. Check out the player comp from basketball reference
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Re: Knicks Offseason: List of Needs 

Post#382 » by Celo » Thu Jun 10, 2021 2:42 pm

I hope we're staying away from Oubre. I mean, have you guys seen him play for the warriors? There are multiple possessions per game where you'd think "man, he's got a really low offensive IQ/slow Processing speed". Golden States offense lives of passes followed by relocating to be ready for the next pass/read. Oubre's attention span literally ends when he passes the ball lol. Even Wiggins managed to look better. If Oubre would've played in some toxic environment like we used to be, I'd get taking a flier on him saying he may flourish in a better environment. But he played for the fkn Warriors, that's as good of a situation as he could've landed in. And he still looked bad. Plus he's not even a good shooter. I don't care about a 1-month stretch or whatever. Like someone said earlier, you can get easily better shooters for a fraction of the price Oubre would cost. It's an easy pass for me.

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