Morris Almond Scouting Report [courtesy of Utah Jazz board]

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Morris Almond Scouting Report [courtesy of Utah Jazz board] 

Post#1 » by 2010 » Thu Jul 2, 2009 11:38 pm

jazzfan1971 wrote:IMHO lacks the body of an NBA player. Has the skill, just not the body. Will be better off playing in a lesser league.

DelaneyRudd wrote:He isn't much of a role player, and that is his problem. He isn't necessarily selfish, but he is a scorer and needs to feed off of other players to be successful. I agree with JF. Almond scored like crazy in the d-league, but had a hell of a time getting off shots in garbage time. He should go to Italy.

Bat wrote:Pros: Excellent shooter, scores in bunches. Decent rebounder for his size, closer to a final project then most young scorers. Good free-throw shooter.

Cons: Never showed he could play in a team setting, doesn't pass the ball well. Not athletic enough to be a good defender on the NBA level, doesn't get the to rim. Didn't seem interested in adapting to the team system, didn't see a lot of comradery with teammates. Seemed to pout.

I think the Jazz were looking for a guy to come and be plugged into their system and have him fill the role of a spot up shooter who doesn't get in the way of anyone else. I think, and to know fault of his own Almond wanted to be more then that and didn't want to settle into a role. D'Antoni seems to have the ability to get a lot out of players, and Almond is capable of putting up big numbers.

It has to be telling however that the best scorer in NBDL history was benched for long stretches in his only finals appearance. He'll need to comfort in where he is before he'll ever contribute. His best way to show he is valuable is to score the ball, but most teams aren't looking for a guy who wants to shoot his way into the league.

Dozer! wrote:Almond is made for your guys system. Some guys just need steady minutes to prove they can play. Morris never got that here. I cant wait to see how he plays. And I really think that he will excel for you guys. Good luck Morris.

JazzInsider wrote:"Mobey" is only concerned about "Mobey". He can't understand why there was no Nike puppet of him. His teammates hated him in the d-league (would leave for dinner without telling him) and he is uncoachable which is just about the worst thing you can say about a C player. But hey, hopefully he sticks and our lottery chances increase with your pick. :lol:

UTJazzFan_Echo1 wrote:Good athlete who can give you a solid offensive threat if you give him minutes and allow him to develop. Quick release on his hit shots, can shoot of the dribble or catch and shoot well. Has the ability to take the ball to the basket although I haven't seen him finish with much authority. Very poor defense but has the potential to be decent. Seems to have a selfish streak in him which could become a problem if it gets out of hand. Horrible hands when catching the ball from when I've seen him play minutes in the NBA. Has no left handed game at all, loses the ball a lot whenever he is forced left but has probably developed since I last saw him play.

Racer X wrote:I disagree with a lot of Jazz fans. Actually he has a GREAT NBA body. He is long, with a wide frame.

Mo just didnt get a chance on the Jazz. A lot of people just expected him to show them too much in the garbage time that he got. He never played a minute for the Jazz that was not garbage time. He has incredible scoring instincts. The dude has set records in the DLeague in scoring. He would be a very servicable NBA player in the right situation. I think he would be a great pickup.

Before OKC drafted Harden, I thought that would be a perfect place for him.

His first pre-season in Utah, he was playing with a lot of confidence and really looked good. I wanted a Brewer-Almond rotation after watching him there. He looked leagues better than Gordan Giricek and CJ Miles at the time. Than when the season rolled around, Sloan did not play him. Which is typical of Sloan. He usually makes his guys fight through that before he will play him. Well he has a tendency to shatter a lot of players confidence. He has done that with a lot of players.

Some have been able to rebound really well. He benched Deron Williams after a great first few weeks of the season, just to see what Deron would do. Deron played awful for a while after that. Deron rebounded. Ronnie Brewer also rebounded well. Others have not. Thats what happens with Sloan.

Give Almond a really good look. He might surprise you.
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Re: Morris Almond Scouting Report [courtesy of Utah Jazz board] 

Post#2 » by cingular » Thu Jul 2, 2009 11:43 pm

thanks man great insight....
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Re: Morris Almond Scouting Report [courtesy of Utah Jazz board] 

Post#3 » by BelieveTheDream » Thu Jul 2, 2009 11:54 pm

that was a good read to see what they thought.... nice some of them think he can flourish in this system...
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Re: Morris Almond Scouting Report [courtesy of Utah Jazz board] 

Post#4 » by Clyde2 » Fri Jul 3, 2009 1:37 am

I think MD will bring out the best is Almond. He finds a way to use his players to their strengths, that is why so many players want to play for MD>
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Re: Morris Almond Scouting Report [courtesy of Utah Jazz board] 

Post#5 » by Paeds » Fri Jul 3, 2009 2:41 am

I like everything except the selfish teammate part
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Re: Morris Almond Scouting Report [courtesy of Utah Jazz board] 

Post#6 » by wilkens21 » Sat Jul 4, 2009 12:20 am

hopefully he'll lessen the blow (if he makes the team) of us not getting Steph Curry....I was never convinced that SC was gonna be a true point guard for us to be honest
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Re: Morris Almond Scouting Report [courtesy of Utah Jazz board] 

Post#7 » by mrpoetryNmotion » Sat Jul 4, 2009 12:28 am

sounds like too much of liabilty to me..whatever happened to demetris nichols..? i actually thought he played well in those summer league games that one year and doesn't he have just as good of a shot as almond?
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Re: Morris Almond Scouting Report [courtesy of Utah Jazz board] 

Post#8 » by NYKnicksWC43 » Sat Jul 4, 2009 12:29 am

Selfish without an NBA body, doesn't go to the rim or have a left and can't play in a system? I don't mean to sound pessimistic but I'm not expecting anything from him.
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