Is this the most entertaining season ever!?

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Re: Is this the most entertaining season ever!? 

Post#16 » by PickNRoll » Thu Dec 13, 2012 4:51 am

The '95 season was fun, Shaq hadn't turned into a complete a-hole yet, Penny was young and exciting, and the role players like Nick Anderson and Ho Grant were lunchpail guys you could root for. Derrick "D3" Scott was really the only annoying guy on the team.

I found the "Heart and Hustle" years depressing to watch. The loss of Shaq, Penny gone due to injury, Grant Hill teasin us with his return, and Tracey McGrady being worn down at a young age due to being the Magic's only scoring option. Loved T-Mac, and it sucked watching him get gimpier all year.

'09 was the year I learned to hate Dwight. Howard was a frustrating mess. Howard had almost as many turnovers as he did made shots for the finals. He went 21-43 with 20 turnovers for the series. Fater missing crucial FT's in every stinking game, he came out and talked about how he wanted to be a "4th quarter closer". I didn't like SVG's style of ball either. Rashard Lewis and Hedo were lazy. I easily didn't like half of that team.

This year, Gus Ayon is the only guy I can't stomach seeing in a Magic uni. I have low expectations, so watching the Magic beat the Lakers was a surprise treat. I like watching the young guys develop as opposed to watching Penny or T-Mac age 20 years in a single season. I like Vaughn's rotations and style. I see a bright future with Hennigan at the helm.

Everyone has different things that they consider "entertaining", and I've always been one who enjoys rooting for the underdog. (Which explains why I hated Reddick coming out of college but like him now.) We have a good veteran core of hard workers, and each night you can watch the rookies get better. I have really enjoyed this season.

Similarly, I enjoyed watching Driskel grow up on the gridiron this year more than I ever did watching Tim Tebow be "Touchdown Jesus". It's far more about the journey for me than the destination. I'd rather watch a team play hard and lose than watch a team half-donkey it on the court and win.
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Re: Is this the most entertaining season ever!? 

Post#17 » by silent1900 » Thu Dec 13, 2012 5:29 am

This is kind of a cool season to me because if we win, i'm happy...and if we lose, i'm happily hitching a ride on the tank. I also enjoy watching JJ's evolution into a cooler Jeff Hornacek. And I am SO THANKFUL that we are not playing Dwight-ball anymore...I couldn't stand our offense the last few years.

That being said, this team doesn't really get me excited...just can't get up for Afflalo and BBD playing such big roles...not my kinda guys. And I worry that we are gonna have some pretty serious attendance issues as the year plays out.

And I am enjoying the heck out of the potential Laker catastrophe...though I am fairly certain they'll salvage a pretty good showing later in the year.
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Re: Is this the most entertaining season ever!? 

Post#18 » by KingRobb02 » Thu Dec 13, 2012 5:25 pm

Last Guardian wrote:
KingRobb02 wrote:
Last Guardian wrote:Well, even though we were obviously a better team in the 2009 finals, we were pretty terrible to watch. I find us more exciting to watch now. Its not just terrible post game Dwight and a lot of launching 3's.

Yeah, now it's just a bunch of long 2s. Much better...

Seems to me like we attack a little more off the dribble. There is much better passing and player movement.

Say what you want about Stan's offensive strategy, but we were always top ten and even top 5 at times. I just read that our starters (Nelson/AA/Moe/Vuc/BBD) have an offensive rating of 78. That means they score 78 points per 100 possessions. That is the worst offensive efficiency of any lineup in the league with more than 100 minutes. Next closest is a Wizards bench unit with Price/Beal/Ariza/Booker/Okafor which is over 5 points at 83.3

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