Orlando(12-20) vs. New York(22-10) 1/5/12 7PM EST

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Re: Orlando(12-20) vs. New York(22-10) 1/5/12 7PM EST 

Post#211 » by doct3r dr3 » Sun Jan 6, 2013 9:41 pm

tiderulz wrote:
akhenaten wrote:I don't see how Vaughn can justify nicholson's lack of playing time by saying "match ups." Not when Carmelo gets 40 and the Knicks dominate the 4th.

did any reporter ask him about this in the post game interviews?

yeah it was great how often they politely called him out for his b.s. veteran lineups. (actual transcript)

:reporter: : "Jacque, offensively you need all five of your guys working together, but how much of an advantage is it for the other team when they just have a guy that they can drop it to and he can create his own shot?"

:reporter: : "This morning, when asked what you though the keys to the game were, you wanted to avoid the turnovers and avoid the fastbreaks off of turnovers; was this a question of the Knicks' physicality forcing some problems or your team making problems of its own?"

:reporter: : "Can you talk about the way Jameer kind of willed you through that third quarter and got you back in it?"

:reporter: : "Coach, in that third quarter when you guys made that run I believe Josh McRoberts was the only guy you used off the bench, can you tell us a little bit why you kept with the starters so long and if you feel like that fatigue played a factor in the fourth quarter?"

:reporter: : "Coach, Carmelo had sort of an ordinary first half -- had an efficient 18. What changed for him in the second half? Was he just hitting shots, or, what happened?"

:reporter: : "I see that Andrew played about 14 minutes. Was that more a function of your seeing another group of five guys playing well, or did he tweak anything during the game?"

:reporter: : "Coach, can you talk about Arron's injury in the second quarter and how he was able to fight through it in the second half and give you twenty points?"

:reporter: : "You figure Goose would've been tonight helpful given their size. Where was he, and how is he?"

:reporter: : "Throughout this losing streak you've had a lot of close games. Is that a source that you point to as something you hang your hat on and keep the guys' confidence up, or is that something you keep working on and practicing on to get out of this rut?"

:reporter: : "About a month ago you had lost three in a row, you went to L.A., started that road trip, beat the Lakers. Do you think that maybe getting away, I mean, talk about the challenges you're up against now, going on the road."

:reporter: : "Uh, Coach, Hedu's played about 35-plus minutes in the past few games and I think he has 1 point. Can you talk a little bit about how he's working back into the offense and into the system?"

:reporter: : "Coach, DeQuan probably gave you one of his best nights of his young career so far. Just talk about what you saw out of him tonight and why you went with McRoberts more in the fourth quarter instead of sticking with DJ."
BadMofoPimp wrote:Reached for a 2nd round talent in Nicholson.
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Re: Orlando(12-20) vs. New York(22-10) 1/5/12 7PM EST 

Post#212 » by AdamTheGreek » Mon Jan 7, 2013 12:04 am

I had to sneak that DeQuan question in at the end.

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