Harkless=DNP/CD, McRoberts=Plays 4th Q

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Re: Harkless=DNP/CD, McRoberts=Plays 4th Q 

Post#31 » by happypedro12 » Mon Jan 21, 2013 12:51 pm

+1. Plus, I do not think rookies should be handed things either. Follow your coach's assignments and directives, if you do not, go sit on the bench. I love how JV approaches to this developing young guns issue, his primary concern is to avoid shaping rookies to an undesirable mold.

Same with Drew. You want more minutes? I do not care about your offense, you will do fine there. Just do not be a unmotivated stiff while defending and do not have mental lapses, and you will get more minutes.

+2. I don't think JV is as anti rookie as SVG was but I think reverse is right in this aspect plus we aren't exactly shooting up the standings. It's better that the kid gets burned in practice and berated during film instead of looking like a fool in a real game and losing confidence.

With all that being said, I can't stand McRoberts.
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Re: Harkless=DNP/CD, McRoberts=Plays 4th Q 

Post#32 » by BadMofoPimp » Mon Jan 21, 2013 3:04 pm

When in the game, it is easy to have a short term memory. You may think you are playing good when you are actually playing bad. Coach's job is to point out the flaws to show the guys the mistakes they are making. Then, let them earn the minutes they get to play.

I like McBob. He isn't playing that bad to me. People just have exhorbiant expectations. Some players are meant to be role players and not everyone is good enough to be all-stars or starters.

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Re: Harkless=DNP/CD, McRoberts=Plays 4th Q 

Post#33 » by drsd » Tue Jan 22, 2013 1:26 pm


An story on Harkless suggests that behind the scenes, things are positive.

There is the new post-up game that he is working on before practice to add to his offensive arsenal. And in shooting drills he usually shadows guard J.J. Redick in an attempt to better his stroke from afar. Then, there are those moments when he uses those seemingly elastic arms to swat more and more shots as he better learns NBA personnel.

Harkless feels there is so much more to his game that he’s eager to show, but he’s forced to be patient because he is still in the infancy of his career and there are more advanced veteran players ahead of him. For now, he knows he has to bide his time. LINK

It is particularly pleasant to hear him as a member of the Magic’s "Breakfast Club." (meaning he gets to the gym first).


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