2019 NBA Combine -> Time to dig in!

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Re: 2019 NBA Combine -> Time to dig in! 

Post#101 » by Bensational » Sat May 18, 2019 1:32 am

Skin wrote:
tiderulz wrote:
Skin wrote:Good point about Iwundu.

you guys want players with the mentality to be a bench player? i want a player that fight/desires to be a starter. And Jackson has more physical tools than Iwundu.

That's true too. I like Iwundu in his role. I appreciate him accepting his role. I feel like he has potential to grow into a bigger contributor.

But Jackson has starter potential if he can put things together and he started to show that towards the end of the season. This VIP snaffu is nothing that worries me about his future. Honestly, I think it was hard for him to steal minutes away from Warren who is such a shot happy guy still trying to build up his name in the NBA at the same time. Combine that with Oubre and Bridges... Jackson really had a crowded field to compete with. Make one mistake and get pulled for another type of situation. Without a PG to direct the flow of the game and distribute to boot. It's been selfish misery going on in PHX... and that's a losing culture.

Put him in new waters and he might flourish.

Of course you want guys aspiring to be more, but you also don't want guys who will become a negative locker room personality if they aren't getting the role and minutes they feel entitled to. Or trying to force things to prove they deserve more, to the detriment of the team.

I'm not opposed to Jackson, especially if he comes cheap. But he has a lot of work to do if he wants to crack a starting role and supplant one of Gordon or Isaac. Particularly with his shooting. Though I've no doubt Clifford could get him defending well and playing something of an MCW role off the bench if he were here. If he can shoot and finish, he'll be an improvement over MCW.

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