Woj: Isaac has torn ACL

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Re: Woj: Isaac has torn ACL 

Post#201 » by fendilim » Tue Sep 1, 2020 10:19 am

pepe1991 wrote:
fendilim wrote:
KillMonger wrote:JI is not that far removed from 18 he has the luxury of having the best treatment money can buy so as long as he follows whatever the doctors tell him and everything goes well in his evaluations during the rehab there is no reason why he can't come back strong....hey i hope he heals very well and can come back in 8-9 months instead of 10-12+

Hoping the same but I would suspect that there is a different level you have to achieve as an athlete :)

Meniscus ( MCL) and , anterior cruciatum ligament ( ACL) tears are not same.
MCL is far easier to repair and can litrally be removed.

I had my meniscus issue in same time one of guys i knew from gym tore his ACL, even on first sight you can see how much more painful and awful ACL injury is.

I’m sure they subject players to the most stringent standards, especially WeHam’s prized possession.

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