#1 seed up 2-1 over injury-ravaged #8 seed...what’s next?

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Re: #1 seed up 2-1 over injury-ravaged #8 seed...what’s next? 

Post#41 » by tiderulz » Mon Aug 24, 2020 3:06 pm

stormi wrote:I still like what y'all are building barring Bamba takes that leap.

Vuc for the Warriors pick? Would GS be interested in something like that? He's at that age where his value is probably peaking and they probably want to squeeze the last few drops out of Steph and Klay. Vuc >>> Wiseman. Especially since they like their centers being rim protectors / lob catchers it almost seems like a waste of such a valuable pick especially when they have Looney capable of doing that job.

Use 2 on... whomstever you'd like.

Fultz, #2, Okeke, Bamba is a promising young core.

Maybe poach FVV in FA? Y'all would be like one draft pick blowing up away from being a Utah type team.

is it though? Okeke has yet to play in the NBA. and what is his position? PF? SF with questionable handles that really is more catch and shoot? Bamba still looks like a hot mess and conditioning 2 years in is bad, as well as his motivation. And unless Fultz dramatically increases his outside shooting, his ceiling is above average starter.

and no way do i see GSW trading #2 for Vuc without ORlando giving a large amount of value back.
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Re: #1 seed up 2-1 over injury-ravaged #8 seed...what’s next? 

Post#42 » by Last Guardian » Mon Aug 24, 2020 5:36 pm

When you are below .500 in the East you are simply not a good team. Whatever excuse you could make doesn't really matter. We need a proper rebuild. Just because we've been below .500 or simply a bad team doesn't mean we were truly rebuilding. My definition of a rebuild is playing, developing and acquiring as much youth as we can. I would say the last time we did that was back in the early 2010s when we were legit relying on Oladipo, Tobias, Vucevic to win games. Once we traded Harris the rebuilding went out the door completely, even though we were still bad enough to draft high. We need that level of rebuild again, and hopefully not mess it up this time by trading guys prematurely.

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