Vucevic - Keep or Trade?

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Re: Vucevic - Keep or Trade? 

Post#41 » by jonbob17 » Fri Nov 20, 2020 10:30 pm

Def Swami wrote:If there were ever a season to tank, it's the one that is shortened and without fans in the buildings.

This season was made for it. Unfortunately, for me and those who hope for a talented basketball players being added to the team, management thinks grinding out 41 wins and getting the guys experience fighting is more important than acquisition. There is no fighting city hall.

It will be an interesting experiment. Just think how far ahead OKC was of the Magic, they finished 16 games over .500, in the much more challenging West, while we finished 7 games under .500 in the East. Both the Thunder and the Magic had one promising young player, SGA and JI. JI obviously out for the season, makes things even more primed for a step back. OKC decides to completely blow things up, even though they already had a ton of future assets (draft picks), they could have turned into a player. The Magic had all of its own draft picks, no additional, and were over the cap before the offseason started. One of these teams had every reason to hit the reset button.

We will see, what happens. Whose strategy is more sound Presti or Hammond?
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Re: Vucevic - Keep or Trade? 

Post#42 » by pepe1991 » Sat Nov 21, 2020 7:33 am

Def Swami wrote:If there were ever a season to tank, it's the one that is shortened and without fans in the buildings.

But there is also 10 games less to secure tanking position. It's objective to expect lot of clusreted teams and having 30-42 record and 22-50 record being swing from the worst team to like 12# worst on big board. For lottery purpose that's probably swing from top 4 draft position to draft 13#.

There is also whole thing about tv viewership, selling merch at online stores being only income for teams, so nobody wants to ingage into 5-67 nosedive type of season.

That's why i think OKC is such an interesting team to follow right now. Army of picks ,sure, but they are such a small market that can't afford losing money that it's almost guaranteed that they will within 2 years once again try to build playoff team just to keep afloat. We talk about team that lost Harden to save $4M after all.
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Re: Vucevic - Keep or Trade? 

Post#43 » by p0peye » Sat Nov 21, 2020 11:17 am

UCF wrote:If Bamba is healthy, we should trade Vooch if the right deal is available. We invested in Bamba with a high pick and it’s about time to give him the opportunity to rise into the role as a starter or fail.

Because failing as sub isn't enough? Dude can't stay on the floor, let alone beat Birch.
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