Magic re-sign F James Ennis to a 1-year contract

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Re: Magic re-sign F James Ennis to a 1-year contract 

Post#41 » by MagicMatic » Sat Nov 21, 2020 11:38 pm

Howard Mass wrote:
MagicMatic wrote:
Howard Mass wrote:
Are there any moves you feel The Magic can make that would get them out of the 8-11 range?

Here’s an alternate question to your question.

Has the core of this team proven in 7 years that they aren’t mediocre?

Fans aren’t mad because we signed some glorified bench players. They are mad that they have to watch yet another season of the same boring roster. This FO has had many years to turn the ship into whatever they wanted. They never made an impactful decision to change the dynamics of the roster.

I care less about the FA signings because I’m realistic about Orlando’s draw. I care more that this FO is too scared to pick a direction and would rather treadmill despite taking a risk in either direction. Watching this team is painful. This year is a tank year and they refuse to cut bait on ANY of the mainstays.

I understand the frustration and it sucks to be in a position where The Magic are as in stuck.

WeltHam has improved things and they do need to make a deal but not force things.

I laid out the situation here. viewtopic.php?p=86525565#p86525565

Isaac's injury really has set this team back and this season, they need to decide the direction of this roster and I feel the pressure is going to be on if changes are not made along with a direction being decided by The Trading Deadline.

Yeah, I’m not vying for Orlando to tie up a ton of money (which we don’t have) in role players.

I don’t know why Isaacs injury should matter this season for projecting the roster. The W/L doesn’t matter at all and trades can still be made.

The only thing Isaac’s injury changed is the fact that it takes Orlando more out of the equation for the playoffs, which wasn’t really a high bar anyway.

The goalposts have been moved since this FO started. Not THIS season, next season. Not THIS deadline, next deadline. At this point, they are simply treadmilling boring predictable basketball at the expense of better draft odds and devaluing assets. That’s it.

I’ll cheer when they decide to finally move 1 of the 3 players, that they inherited, and continue to pay for mediocre results.

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