Nikola Vucevic Appreciation Thread

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Nikola Vucevic Appreciation Thread 

Post#1 » by The Real Dalic » Thu Mar 25, 2021 5:15 pm

Vucevic has been here through the toughest times in Magic history and helped the Magic get to the playoffs for the first time after a long drought.

We saw him come in as a clean shaven baby faced kid to the scruffy vet that improved every season and represented Orlando as an All-Star.

He holds several franchise records and will be forever remembered as an all-time Magic great. One of the most loyal players in our team's history.

He will be missed on this team. But it was apparently time to move in a new direction. Hope he finds success in Chicago and wherever else he goes! Couldn't have asked for a better player and man then Nikola Vucevic. I appreciate everything he's done for this team!

Thanks for everything Vuc! You will always be an Orlando Magic to some of us!

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Re: Vucevic Appreciation Thread 

Post#2 » by fendilim » Thu Mar 25, 2021 5:16 pm

Good luck vuc!!! Continue helping us in 2023 ;)
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Re: Vucevic Appreciation Thread 

Post#3 » by pepe1991 » Thu Mar 25, 2021 5:18 pm

High class act.
No drama, no bs, no "trade me " crap, no prima donna dominor, never throwing anybody but Vogel under a bus. Wasn't even crying
for trade when morons tried to replace him by non other than Biyombo.

And gave us 2 first round picks. Howard gave us what? zero? one? Can't even remember.

Anyway, Bulls got themselfs a great player. Looking forward to check in what Lavine, Patrick WIlliams and Vuc are coooking there, most defenetly playoff team.
Prediction day after Vuc, Gordon, Evan departure - most fans who are celebrating birth of new rebuild will be crying how rebuild is painful before 2022-23 season ends.
Date of writeup: March 26th, 2021.
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Re: Vucevic Appreciation Thread 

Post#4 » by Last Guardian » Thu Mar 25, 2021 5:31 pm

I appreciate his offensive improvement over the years and his lack of drama. I'll check in with chicago once in a while, interesting to see what happens on a team with more offensive talent around.
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Re: Nikola Vucevic Appreciation Thread 

Post#5 » by Message Boar » Thu Mar 25, 2021 5:38 pm

Thank you Nik for everything you've done for the Magic over the many years you've been here! You worked hard to improve your game to an all star level, which not many people thought you could when you first got here via the Dwight Howard trade. You were the ultimate pro who didn't (publically) get too negative throughout all the coaching changes and mediocre to bad rosters.

Best of luck with the rest of your career; hope you find a winning situation, be it in Chicago (not this season plz) or elsewhere some time down the road. And of course a happy and healthy family life with the wife and the two (and counting?) little ones.
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Re: Nikola Vucevic Appreciation Thread 

Post#6 » by PrimeThyme » Thu Mar 25, 2021 5:39 pm

Vuc got better. When I, && others considered him an archaic offensive center who had reached his ceiling, he proved us wrong. He deserves that credit.

Best of luck in Chicago, Vuc.
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Re: Nikola Vucevic Appreciation Thread 

Post#7 » by Blue_and_Whte » Thu Mar 25, 2021 5:39 pm

Great dude and player I will be watching him play this season in Chicago. These guys have been here 7 years. Vooch and Evan had their kids while living here. We have to remember that these guys are humans, with families. They played hard when asked to do more that what they were capable of. Wish them all the best.
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Re: Nikola Vucevic Appreciation Thread 

Post#8 » by yoyojw17 » Thu Mar 25, 2021 5:41 pm

You will be missed Vuc! Thank you for the years of dedication to the organization, team and city! You always gave your best and i will be rooting for you and your future.... just not when you're playing us! Many blessings to you and your fam!
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Re: Nikola Vucevic Appreciation Thread 

Post#9 » by MoMM » Thu Mar 25, 2021 5:43 pm

True professional! Really sad that we have traded him for nothing.
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Re: Nikola Vucevic Appreciation Thread 

Post#10 » by MasterGMer » Thu Mar 25, 2021 5:45 pm

Thank you Nick! These times are memorable and as a fan of Magic, I have grown a lot watching you play. You taught me about professionalism and class acts. Along with so many things. Thank you. Good luck in Chicago! Have a great year!
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Re: Nikola Vucevic Appreciation Thread 

Post#11 » by Optimus_Steel » Thu Mar 25, 2021 5:47 pm

I will definitely miss Vuc. He is a great guy, likeable, never a hint of issues. He was here a decade. Def hope that the Magic bring him back after his playing days in some fashion. One of he the better players in Magic history, sucks he didn't have more offensive talent alongside him in his Magic tenure.
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Re: Nikola Vucevic Appreciation Thread 

Post#12 » by SOUL » Thu Mar 25, 2021 5:47 pm

Thank you Vuc!!!
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Re: Nikola Vucevic Appreciation Thread 

Post#13 » by MagicFan101 » Thu Mar 25, 2021 5:54 pm

One of the all time great Magicians. He continued to build and build on his game like few others have in an effort to not only improve himself but improve the team. Vuc will be missed in Orlando and loved in Chicago.
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Re: Nikola Vucevic Appreciation Thread 

Post#14 » by rusoopE » Thu Mar 25, 2021 5:59 pm

Man i love vuc. He was always the first player acused of the team lack of success(by the fans), even being by far the best we ever had on the roster for the last 9 years. Its been dreadfully years to be a magic player and he compossed like the Man he is.
Happy to see you wearing stripes sad you never got the help needed to move forward.
Loyal, underrated, one of the very best players we had and already missed. Good luck mister Nikola Vucevic enjoy the ride. And would love to see you around the amway so you can get your well deserved aprreciation you never had before.
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Re: Nikola Vucevic Appreciation Thread 

Post#15 » by MagicTownBaller » Thu Mar 25, 2021 6:17 pm

We will miss you Vucevic!!!! Make Chicago a winner, just not right away lol
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Re: Nikola Vucevic Appreciation Thread 

Post#16 » by Furinkazan » Thu Mar 25, 2021 6:36 pm

Vucevic is a perfect example we can develop a player ... if it is right player with sound fundamentals...
remember when he was only a mid range shooter...
I was saying they need to let him shoot they 3 as I was watching him in national team doing that with ease
when theyfinally realesed him when league shifted to 3 pointers ...It made him an all star
I have a mixed feelings I loved him I hated him then loved and then was just fed up with watching same sht each year...
Im glad he got traded but Im also sad and it was totally unexpected but a right thing to do imo...for both sides...

He will have a chance with better talent aorund him in Chicago

I always liked the Bulls since MJ era... now again I can root a bit for them...
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Re: Nikola Vucevic Appreciation Thread 

Post#17 » by Rainwater » Thu Mar 25, 2021 6:41 pm

Yes, much love to this man. One of the magic greats. Hopefully, they give him a proper good bye when he returns.
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Re: Nikola Vucevic Appreciation Thread 

Post#18 » by rcklsscognition » Thu Mar 25, 2021 6:41 pm

Iconic franchise player in my opinion. One of my favorites of all time.
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Re: Nikola Vucevic Appreciation Thread 

Post#19 » by penny_nz » Thu Mar 25, 2021 6:44 pm

Absolute pro who developed constantly through his career and achieved a complete offensive skillset that RIGHTFULLY earned him his All-star trips. Out of all the moves today, he's the one I'm most sad to see go, as I would have liked to have seen him get more success here.

Sadly this seems to be the sacrifice that needed to be paid for much needed change here.

Good luck in Chicago Vuc
I still believe in Magic!
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Re: Nikola Vucevic Appreciation Thread 

Post#20 » by SOUL » Thu Mar 25, 2021 6:52 pm

I will miss Vuc quite a bit despite people thinking I hated him at times here. He was the one player I was very tough on because I was pretty high on him post-Dwight trade and knew he could expand his game quite a bit. When it looked like it was stagnating I lost hope on what his impact could be, but he proved everybody wrong and became an all-star level player in a very short amount of time. He's pretty automatic on most places on the court and I will definitely catch some Bulls games to check how he's doing.

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