Josh Robbins talks to scouts - Part 2 - Mo Bamba

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Re: Josh Robbins talks to scouts - Part 2 - Mo Bamba 

Post#41 » by JBSouthpaw » Tue Sep 7, 2021 1:10 pm

Sammyzc+1 wrote:
Skybox wrote:
pepe1991 wrote:
Bamba was 6th overall pick, Culver was 7th. Those guys arived in nba at age of 20. 1/5th of all selected allstar players last couple of years is made of bunch of 21-22 years old kids.
High lottery also means they are payed s*** loud of money to be good. When you get payed whooping $18M over 3 years.

High lottery and sky high money also comes with set of expetations. Culver and Bamba and lot of others like Jaxson Hayes, Kevin Knox, Jerome Robinson or Frank Ntilikina flat out did not deliver anything.
In theory, all those guys are 22-23 years old , like Bamba, and in theory you could collect all of them and rename yourself into Orlando bust rehab. What is realistic , objective outcome of any of them actually turning into decent players or players that in near future can help Orlando turn franchise around?
Let's reframe question. Why would you invest your playing time and even more money into players who's best possible outcome at this stage is to become simliar players who in NBA make less than $10M a year and can be signed literally every year in free agency?

Kevin Knox, for example, at apsolute best scenario now, will be Al Faruq Aminu- but no defense type player? Same Kevin Knox can be shielded with usual suspect excuses:
-just turned 22
- bad team in past
- coach who hates mistakes
- coach who hates young players

But reality is simple. Kevin Knox is just 22 years old but he hasn't been good or even playable at any point of his nba career. Over 182 games played his eFG is constantly among the worst nba players. No, he won't show up in year 4,get it together and live up to -fanfiction of Paul George comparison because we have 3 years that prove that he is not capable of playing at nba level.

Same goes for Bamba. Bamba failed at basketball in nba . He won't show up month from now with "new motor" running like maniac , understanding baketball, having BBIQ worth something and be mistake free.
HE will probably hype himself into playing hard 5-8 games, but you simply can't teach high character and high energy, and he will just fizzle out. It's like a diet, 99,99% of them fail because people don't have discipline to make it out. Jordan and Kobe where out there hiring people to teach them how to play table tennis because it was their competitive spirit, in same time Caleb Swanigan, also basketball player, eat himself into 500 pounds over 2 years.

I was wondering what happened to Swanigan...I was a sucker for him too :D

You're probably right about Bamba but (1) he's already in-house and (2) there's no question his prior Coach had no faith in or respect for him. Why not see if Mosley can build his defensive instincts one little brick at a time? Every little victory or gain will add to his confidence and, for the millionth time, his wingspan is beyond elite...If he ONLY becomes Nerlens Noel -that's still a solid piece and he could easily be more by hitting 35% on open threes (not even a great shooter, just enough of a threat that you can't disregard him and cheat off of him).

Idk about you all but I was a knucklehead at 22 and I was also half the knucklehead that I see most of today's 22 year olds...then factor in how easy it's been for the first 20 years of being the biggest and most skilled kid in school until the big reality check. I'm not nuts, I'm not doing this forever, but this year or have fun overseas.

Yeah Bamba has obviously been a disappointment with some flashes, but playing the crap out him to either develop, or make him at least someone who can be moved would be the best way to go, in my opinion. Either way, he's in the fold and may as well force him to dictate his own future. Sitting him and saying he IS a failure, rather than he's been a failure so far and now....last chance, contract year do or die.

Playing the crap out of Mo won't make him a better trade asset. He's best when his minutes are around 20-22 minutes, which can be very valuable. 30 minutes, he'll foul out, or be too fatigued (based on past years).
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Re: Josh Robbins talks to scouts - Part 2 - Mo Bamba 

Post#42 » by SHAQ32 » Wed Sep 8, 2021 12:47 am

To me, it always felt like Mo didn't want to be drafted by the Magic. Whether it's the city or playing behind Vuc, who knows, but at this point, it's too late. He needs a fresh start somewhere else.

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