2021-2022 Regular Season Game 12: Washington Wizards (8-3) at Orlando Magic (3-9) - 11/13/21 at 7pm ET

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Re: 2021-2022 Regular Season Game 12: Washington Wizards (8-3) at Orlando Magic (3-9) - 11/13/21 at 7pm ET 

Post#181 » by 89Magicfan » Mon Nov 15, 2021 3:22 pm

fendilim wrote:
p0peye wrote:I don't think anyone is suggesting he is SG and that we should groom him into one. So far his calling card has been defense, which is really good, but he simply struggles to function as PG in the NBA. He can't shoot and has problems handling the ball without getting stripped, but his instincts are not where they supposed to be IMO.

I was hoping that playing against bench guys would be a better environment where he can refine those skills, but from what I've seen so far, it is not the case. Admittedly. I've yet to watch a game in its entirety as I easily fall asleep - being in Ireland time zone is one challenge, but the way we play is bigger factor in me dosing off.

Still, too soon to tell, but early start has been a bumpy ride.

I beg to disagree on this one.

I do believe part of Suggs struggles have been adjusting to bigger, longer and stronger players at the two. He has struggled finishing around the rim as well. His lack of explosiveness doesn't help either.

Moving him at the one, I think solves this.

In college, he was a 6'4" PG. as a star football player out of high school, Suggs is already built faster and stronger than most players inside the NCAA.

In the NBA, we're talking about top athletes in the world already.

It is obviously concerning that Suggs struggles to handle the ball in transition etc, but I think all of this can be solved if we moved him at the 1. Playing at the two only forced him to rush his shots or overthink which leads to missed shots. Not to mention, on a much faster pace.

I don’t see a lack of explosiveness. I see a lack of NBA experience, high handles, difficult situation being on a team with a **** of project guards, etc.

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