538 projects 76ers as most likely NBA Champ

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Re: 538 projects 76ers as most likely NBA Champ 

Post#61 » by LloydFree » Tue Jul 23, 2019 3:03 am

Sixerscan wrote:Yeah they're a pretty obvious trade team. Lakers might be too but I don't really see much in terms of anyone people would actually want on that team.

The Lakers don't have salary or picks to make any significant trades. They will have to wait on buyouts and minimum salary vets. The Clippers still have their own pick in 2020 and multiple guys with salaries between 5 to 11 million per year, that can be bundled for a top player.
Fischella wrote:I think none of you guys that are pro-Embiid no how basketball works today.. is way easier to win it all with Omer Asik than Olajuwon.
Actually if you ask me which Center I want for my perfect championship caliber team, I will chose Asik hands down
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Re: 538 projects 76ers as most likely NBA Champ 

Post#62 » by 76ciology » Wed Jul 24, 2019 4:09 am

Problem with the Lakers is the big drop off in talent after LeBron and AD. DMC’s value is more of his past reputation than actual play, unless proven other wise. Kuzma? Caruso? Rondo? Danny Green? Those are role players.
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