Game 51 : Philadelphia 76ers (34-16) @ Boston Celtics (25-25) l Tuesday l 7:30pm

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Re: Game 51 : Philadelphia 76ers (34-16) @ Boston Celtics (25-25) l Tuesday l 7:30pm 

Post#161 » by 76ciology » Thu Apr 8, 2021 10:11 am

This game shows how much better we are because of better coaching and Embiid making a jump.

First half, Embiid dominated the Celts bigs.

3rd quarter, Celts bigs are in foul trouble. They put Tacko Fall into the game.

Last season, Fall can just play goalie inside the paint with Embiid having a shaky perimeter game.

In this game, Embiid pulls Tacko Fall outside the paint then let Ben and Tobi attack at the post.

Brett is not as experienced as Doc.

Brett only runs stuff he experienced with the Spurs.

Doc knows the importance of different cards and how to play them.

Doc is like If X, then Y.

Brett is more like.. DHO 24/7.
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