Game 60 : Philadelphia 76ers (39-20) @ Milwaukee Bucks (36-22) l Saturday l 3:30pm

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Re: Game 60 : Philadelphia 76ers (39-20) @ Milwaukee Bucks (36-22) l Saturday l 3:30pm 

Post#81 » by 76ciology » Sun Apr 25, 2021 6:21 am

This is why the league has to stepped in when we were tanking. Imagine how many of these 30pt game margins there will be if you had multiple teams tanking to the extreme. You can just see the body language of these guys as if they just want the game to be over mid way. Its would take a lot of discipline and experience for teams to play hard for the full 48.

Anyway, we just have to execute more purposefully. I know Biid is not playing. But our guards have to be more sharp with their drives and decision making.

We’re just so used to Biid bailing us out. The goal with or without biid is the initial off screen and drive and draw actions should be so good that we would rely less on Biid’s 1v1.

Think of it when the Spurs led by guys like Patty Mills were upsetting the top teams like the Heatles back then. Our guys have to take these games as an opportunity to be better.

This game we didnt play that way. We still played like we need to have a guy to bail us out in the end of every possession.

Hit or miss. Keep running every possession like the scoreboard says its 0-0.
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Re: Game 60 : Philadelphia 76ers (39-20) @ Milwaukee Bucks (36-22) l Saturday l 3:30pm 

Post#82 » by Stanford » Sun Apr 25, 2021 12:55 pm

What are wins

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