Game 64 : Philadelphia 76ers (42-21) @ San Antonio Spurs (31-31) l Sunday l 8:00pm

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Re: Game 64 : Philadelphia 76ers (42-21) @ San Antonio Spurs (31-31) l Sunday l 8:00pm 

Post#161 » by Eyeamok » Wed May 5, 2021 12:49 am

TTP wrote:
Eyeamok wrote:
Negrodamus wrote:
Funny you say, Milton was a 14.5 ppg scorer in last year's playoffs, his first playoff experience. He's a 19 ppg scorer in the three games he's started this year. 22.8 ppg when he gets more than 30 minutes in a game.

He's third on the team in eligible per-36 in ppg (20.2 ppg). So when you say you don't think he's capable of being more than a 13ppg scorer, I'm not sure what you're talking about.

Have gripes about his defense, they are valid. His scoring and creating are objectively top 4 on the team.

Do not believe the numbers that Shake puts up as a starter or when he gets 30 minutes or more in a game. When the game does not matter or the spotlight is not on him, Shake is capable of putting up good numbers. Critical games or games when we need the real Shake to show up maybe even carry the team for a while forget about it.

As always I'd be happy to be proven wrong. But in this instance the numbers don't tell the whole story. The man is a shrinking violet when it gets hot.

Seems like a lot of narrative that you don’t have data to support.

He had a 61.6% TS starting and playing 31.5 mpg in the playoffs last year that goes against everything you’re saying.

You are right it is a lot of narrative and the only data I have is what I have seen watching games. And I'm happy to be a/the lone dissenter on this issue. I am not a Shake hater. He is my second favorite 76er, But he is not a prime time player, and coming off the bench with less pressure is where he will serve the team best right now.
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