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Re: Nómades do Negro Troll Soles/Os Soenix ao Phol. Baynes vs. USA Game II: What The Hell Happened?

Posted: Sat Aug 24, 2019 8:37 am
by El Hespiritu

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78 games after, USA National Basketball Team eventually lost.
I'm watching now the game replay to see how RedBeard Baynes contributed to that.

Re: Nómades do Negro Troll Soles/Os Soenix ao Phol. Baynes vs. USA Game II: What The Hell Happened?

Posted: Sat Aug 24, 2019 8:50 am
by sunsbg
El Hespiritu wrote:

78 games after, USA National Basketball Team eventually lost.
I'm watching now the game replay to see how RedBeard Baynes contributed to that.

Australia didn't even look that good. Patty Mills going hot in the 4th was the key.

Re: Nómades do Negro Troll Soles/Os Soenix ao Phol. Baynes vs. USA Game II: What The Hell Happened?

Posted: Sat Aug 24, 2019 9:04 am
by Crives
El Hespiritu wrote:


78 games after, USA National Basketball Team eventually lost.
I'm watching now the game replay to see how RedBeard Baynes contributed to that.

Let us know why Baynes didn’t play to many minutes

Re: Nómades do Negro Troll Soles/Os Soenix ao Phol. Baynes vs. USA Game II: What The Hell Happened?

Posted: Sat Aug 24, 2019 10:42 am
by El Hespiritu
1st Quarter

USA: Smartacus, Spida, Barnes, Middleton & Turner.
Baynes starts with BrickMills, Ol'Man Ingles, Thug Delly and Landale.

He loses the initial jump ball to Turner and rotates right to contest Harrison's mid-range but can't deny the shot.
Failed P'n'Pop with Ol'Man; he tries to attack the rim instead but Myles deflects his demi-hook.

Boxouts efficiently Turner to allow Landale's dunk. Does his part in the Aussie passing game, gets open at the corner and nails a 3p.
Good P'NRoll with Ol'Man. He's fouled and hits both FT.
5 points for him in first 2 minutes.

Australia switches to half-court press zone; Baynes steps out to deny Spida's 3p in transition, then rotates to do the same with Smartacus and when Ol'Man arrives to deal the perimeter threat, then he recovers immediately to the paint at time to avoid any pass for Barnes under the rim. Spida was about to do that but he must then change his mind in the last moment under Ingles' pressure and thus loses the ball.

Those are the kind of impactful collective deeds you'll never realize just watching boxscores and stats. To my eyes, these sort of things are far more important than steals or blocks.

11-7 USA. Pops looks worried and this is not a prophecy from the past: he really looks it.

Now RedBeard sets 3 screens in a row into the same ball possession to facilitate BrickMills succesful mid-ranger. Another stuff you'll never know by only reading numbers.

Aussie zone lets Aron defending Barnes at the paint again (Harrison has not a single chance to get the ball then) while Myles tries to shoot over landale. He misses it.
In transition Baynes stops BOTH Middleton and Barnes with just one screen while keeping Myles on him: the result is three men stack with Aron for Landale dunking absolutely alone and undefended.

That was amazingly smart from him (and bit dumb from USA). Again, no boxscore record of that ever.

Boomers start defending transition on press zone and when USA gets to half court, they mixed it with pickups. If no one cuts to the rim, Baynes takes Myles.
Another P'n'Roll with Ol'Man! Ingles lobs it in traffic and RedBeard smashes the alleyhoop.

Here Middelton's smooth moves using Myles as a bait bewilders Aron. He gets lost and Chris punish him with a long-two.
There he screens Spida to free Thug Delly forcing Turner to switch: he pushes Don to the post, receives Thug's pass under the rim and the only thing Spida can do is to foul him.

Pops calls Don to the side and calmly explain him how not to get stopped by Aron's screens
Meanwhile, Baynes misses one FT.
USA feels uncomfortable under oceanic press zone. They can't run and if they can't play uptempo, they struggle. Missing this attack again; they aren't shooting from best spots.

Aron tries to tip in Ingles' failed three but the ball hits board & rim allowing def rebound to first USA's quick offense transition: obviously, ends with a bucket.

Bogut jumps in for Baynes.
8 points for him, best australian so far.
On an odd side note, he didn't get any board aside that intent of tipping in (Boomers lead USA rebounds 5 to 1). He's more focused on boxing out Myles to allow some teammate's board than on grabbin' it by himself. I like that.

17-14 USA. 05min to end 1st Quarter
I'll keep on when he returns to the game. Now he's resting.


Feel yourselves free to point me out grammar or lexicon ilegibilities: I'm tryin't to get better at Modern Saxon redaction.

Re: Nómades do Negro Troll Soles/Os Soenix ao Phol. Baynes vs. USA Game II: What The Hell Happened?

Posted: Sat Aug 24, 2019 1:56 pm
by El Hespiritu
2nd Quarter
26-23 USA.

While Aron was out Kemba jumped in with blood on his eyes and single-handed made USA to gain some advantage but Goulding kept the mojo he summoned last game and Bogut got some piece of Plumlee, equalizing things again.
Pops yells at Mason, legit angry now. Jaylen Brown's good actions after Time Out tranquilizes him a bit.

Almost all USA points were from deep but mostly long-two; Australia digged gold in the paint and from FT line.
From efficiency standards, that means problems for americans regardless they're still winning.

Smartacus-Harris-Barnes-Tatum-López. Tatum playing 4 looks weird but Kay isn't a great offense threat so worths the risk.

Baynes in: 28-25.
His first action: P'n'Roll with Ol'Man (the most usual aussie set play); Ingles fakes the pass and gets the layup in that slow motion pace of him that no defense in the world seems capable to read properly so far.
Wich is kinda strange considering he's roaming around since a bunch of years by now and he always does the same.

Thug Delly masterizes turning ballhandlers' lights off at half court. Smartacus has been now his victim.
Kay blocks Harris while Aron boxouts Brook. Ol'Man gets a mid range out of a (slow) transition with RedBeard molesting defenders around.
28-30 first Boomers lead.

Baynes floats around from paint to perimeter being the free man in the mixed aussie zone, flashing any shooter at sight. Barnes doesn't dare to shoot on him and Spida fails an unbalanced three instead.
He makes López to miss but Ingles fouls Harrison in the loose ball. Landale replaces Kay and Barnes hits a three on his face.

Now Aron shows he's stronger than Brook, pushing him under the rim. López tries to fight back but he can only sum a foul off the ball.
BrickMill goes in for Goulding. First ball he touches, he honors my nickname for him after Aron clears him with a screen.

Press-zone works as a dream. Now is Ol'Man embarassing Middleton in his own field with a steal and a foul. Nails the FTs and goes to bench. He often struggles to find his shot in postseason but at least he's wisely playmaking.

Smartacus finishes boldly over Baynes' intimidation. BrickMills premieres the BrickLob in public. Now we can add it to his catalogue.
In the next possession, RedBeard denies Brook's 3p and Middleton fails it contested by Landale.

Now Aron tries the frontal three; not good enough but Landale is fouled in that hustle. Good aussie passing game; Landale misses an easy layup and Baynes fails to tip it in. USA could have another fast transition out of it but Kemba lacks clarity. They go for half court offense instead.
They pay for it: RedBeard forces Middleton's mistake and Myles fouls Landale again. They enter bonus with 5min yet to play.

35-34 for British Prison Island. USA looking really bad right now.

Referees help Marcus with a foul out from the blue when Delly stole the ball. They can't use the rest of the possession to score tho.
This australian defense is money in the bank.
Spida mad at Thug, earns himself a dumb midfield foul. Pops tries to soothe him and calls for a Time.

Money-In-The-Bank!! Middleton, Kemba, Turner... all of them lighted off under Aussie press-zone. Turnover.

Derrick White at court. He manages to magically transform a BrickMills nickname into three FTs.
Pop's face is a whole poem written in iambic pentameter.

Thug fouls D-White. Not that he's not grateful for that... he mostly didn't know what to do few seconds ahead end of possession.

Aron drives Myles far from the paint allowing his teammates to freely operate under the rim and get another easy 2p.
Back on defense, he obligates D-White to re-think again that penetration stuff.
At the end, refs don't validate a clean Ingles' deflection and made up a foul based in some supposed regulations we commoners aren't entitled to understand.

37-40 Australia.
Baynes to the bench; 3:23m for halftime.

Best thing for USA to happen is this half finishing the sooner the better.


Re: Nómades do Negro Troll Soles/Os Soenix ao Phol. Baynes vs. USA Game II: What The Hell Happened?

Posted: Sat Aug 24, 2019 3:21 pm
by El Hespiritu
3rd Quarter
49-48 USA

Again, Kemba did his best with Aron out. Bogut is doing more than fine on the offense but he lacks RedBeard defensive swiftness and range. He's tough enough to put a good fight nonetheless.
Kay aparently got Jaylen's number under the rim but Tatum is more nimble to attack him successfully. BrickMills doing BrickMills stuff.

5 assist USA for 12 australian ones. That doesn't necessarily implies a worse organized attack but in this case it's blatant enough.
Good news for americans: They got now a decent amount of 3p. Being far better than the Boomers on that.


Aussie zone makes Aron concede an open shot for Spida whith Thug trying to rotate at time. Airball.
USA pickup allows Landale stepping freely to the rim with Myles tryin to help at time. Deflected.

Myles gets 2 FT as a tip. Baynes gets 1 3P brick as a shame.
Turner on fire. 2p on Landale's defense. Myles was smart there, forcing fast transition difficulting Aron and Landale to settle properly.

Finally RedBeard tips in a teammate's failed shot and gets a 2+1 as a reward.

BrickMills creates The Brand New Brick Bounce. This guy never ceases to amaze me.
Aron/Ol'Man at it again.
Now Ingles tries the long two fade away at one leg but he's not Dirk.

Barnes shoot well over the PHX player. He didn't step in the pain again since 1stQ. Now he's rather aiming to get Redbeard out from the painted area.
Pops' orders, I guess.

Now BrickMills tries the long-two fade away at one leg. He's not Dirk either but he nails it nonetheless.
Aussie defense looks blurred right now. Nobody helps Landale: Middleton easy layup.
Kemba gets a 2+1 from Landale.
Landale is the weakest defensive point. USA now exploiting it. 60-54 USA.

USA tries their own press zone. They suck at it.
As a result, Landale ended alone under the rim for the easiest possible 2p.
That was funny.

Baynes stops Barnes' attempt to step in. Sends him rolling over the floor 'til the first row of seats.
That was funny, too.

Aron loses the ball on attack. He was pushed from behind but refs didn't see it.
Next, they see Kemba being fouled.

Again, Baynes missing a tip in on a YouKnowMills' brick.
Again, Baynes missing the ball in traffic.

63-56 USA. 06:06 to the end of quarter.

RedBeard out, Bogut in.
Australia and Aron looked bad in these last minutes and/or USA looked good.


Re: Nómades do Negro Troll Soles/Os Soenix ao Phol. Baynes vs. USA Game II: What The Hell Happened?

Posted: Sat Aug 24, 2019 6:14 pm
by El Hespiritu
4th Quarter
76-78 AUS

While Aron was sitting, Bogut has been the axis in offense. In defense Kay runs all over the place allowing him to take some breath.

Another funny moment when Jaylen tries to pass the ball to the ref (I don't know with which teammate misleaded him... Harris, perhaps) and the ref stepbacked so fast and long as James Harden to dock it.
Aussie defense bewilders attackers to the bone.

BrickMills finally nailed some 3s again closing the gap with USA. Bogut, Goulding & Kay finally locked it.


Guess who's trying a P'n'R... you got it. Ol'Man dishes the slooooow layup while Aron boxouts everybody at sight.
After that, Aron forces Don to make a bad shot and the possession ends with Spida foulin' in the rebound.
And then, he floats a sortahook with left hand undefendable for Turner.

Finally, Barnes breaks his All Star momentum getting a 2+1 from him at the post.
After TimeOut, Kemba tries the same; now there's no foul.
Aron is more mobile than Bogut but less intimidating under the rim, USA digs some points there.

Thug Delly steps Kemba's brakes stopping an easy american fast break.
They don't shot well this one. RedBeard gets the board and once in offense, he tries a long hook on Harris with right hand. Missed.
The USA counter-strike is now efficient: Aron barely contest Harris' corner three.

84-82 USA.

Mills forgets his nick and drops a smooth 3p. Baynes makes USA miss the penetration but gets a hand in his mouth by Harris.
He's upset. Fortunately, Bogut was yet ready to jump in and nothing happens.

Not sure if he will jump in again.

Thug and Brick turns off Jaylen Brown/Myles Turner lights both attack and defense.
David vs Goliath; veterany and IQ always beat physicality and size.

Ol'Man from 3p. Then, fouling hard on USA transition.

87-88 AUS

Thug Delly stopping Tatum at the post (veterany and IQ, etc...).
BrickMills drops a fine 3p. It was actually a bank shot but it's 3 points the same, so cheers to him. No bad feelings.

87-91 AUS. Time Out. 3min to the end.

Now Bogut shows his passing skills; left Patty open for a long two.
That's why he's at court for the clutch instead of RedBeard.
Thug and Brick aren't reliable playmakers at all, so Bogut must be in to help Ol'Man to generate some offense.

Brick lost the track (probably he's tired... tons of minutes for him) and Kemba was absolutely alone and open for the 3p. Fortunately for AUS, he's not a great shooter from the deep.

Ol'Man sees Patty's cut to the rim and dishes it.

89-95 AUS.

Spida tries... too late, probably.
Brick's On Fire! Another long-two after a good pass from Kay. Spida replies with a 3p.
USA defends well (finally) and they get the ball trailing by three with 00:42.

I regret knowing the result by now... this would have been more exciting if I didn't.

Go-To-Guy-Spida (looks like Pops' orders to step up over Kemba and Middleton) misses a bad-spotted three.
Game is done with that.

Desperate fouls and stuff...

94-98 AUS. END Game.

Aron RedBeard Baynes

MIN/ 18:09
PTS/ 13
3pt/ 1-3
2pt/ 3-6
1pt/ 4-5

No Assists, Steals or Blocks offically.

I'd count him at least one Steal, but it doesn't matter at the end.

He has been a true major force both ends of the court.

This was exactly the kind of Aron Redbeard Baynes I'd like to see in Arizona on a daily basis.
He has the skillset, the attitude and the physical tools to do it.

More probably, we should expect something in the middle of the way from here to the kinda disappointing Aron we saw at first exhibit against USA.

And that would be yet an improvement over last year's backup Center, I guess, and maybe...
Nah, forget about it.

I know there's no point on thinking about starter spots.


Re: Nómades do Negro Troll Soles/Os Soenix ao Phol. Baynes vs. USA Game II: What The Hell Happened?

Posted: Sat Aug 24, 2019 6:20 pm
by El Hespiritu
Crives wrote:Let us know why Baynes didn’t play to many minutes

Bogut and Baynes are both pure 5.
Aron might play a bit PF but is a waste.

So, they share the minutes, roughly 20 each one.

Pretty much, that's it.

When physicality and 3p be needed, RedBeard plays bit more.
When veterany and playmaking be required, Bogut takes the show.

Re: Nómades do Negro Troll Soles/Os Soenix ao Phol. We Not Doubling At Open Gym, Bro! I Get That Sh*t All Season.

Posted: Tue Aug 27, 2019 4:38 pm
by El Hespiritu
Argentina 76 - España 84 (exhibition? exhibition of what?)

It was one of those days...
Nothing goes right, everything goes wrong, it's raining, you got no umbrella and you step on a dog's crap.

TheBetterLateThanNeverGoldenBoy started good. With Gasol DNP-YoLo Reasons- he had double responsibility.
In front of the least talented Argentinian team of the last decades (Campazzo DNP -Ankle Reasons-) they went 7-0 and rested comfortabily enough all 1Q on that.
At the middle of the 2Q Argentinian coach Hernández called a Time Out.
I don't know what exactly was he yelling (with a certain humoristic tone) to his men.
Probably, something similar to:
Sergio Hernández wrote:-¡¡Recuerden de una reputa vez que son ustedes argentinos, carajo!!
And they then started to play like argentinians are supposed to play.

With more or less talent Argentina is known to impersonate Pistons' Bad Boys at FIBA Basketball. They masterize an underrated skill always useful:

They get under opponent's skin.
Argentina leads by a few points.
Coach Scarolingio, eyes round open "I can't believe this sh*t!" alternates facepalms with desperate tears.
Rubio speaking more with the chinese refs than with his teammates.
Llull nails some mandarinas, fails everything else.
Rudy with huge black fog settled inside his brain. Oriola same huge fog, but in grey color.
Willy HernanGómez get some fine buckets under the rim and a ton of ludicrous screens on his own teammates.
His brother Lagarto Juancho fights... that's all.

Thanks to Tolliver for Rabaseda's intelligence, Ribas' seriousity and Claver's reliability or Spain would had been kicked out from the game with no chance of comeback.

And all what Argentina had to do (aside some Scola and Laprovittola sparkles) was just defending as Argentina traditionally defends.

A grin at their faces, one eye at the refs, one hand in the passing lanes and the other hand wielding a knife.

That's it.
Ricky faked an initial hero-balling. Argentina didn't even blink.

The game was more or less the same as in the 3Q...

...but then, 5 minutes to the end, TheGoldenBoy closed the refs chat-room, summoned a Blue Steel glance into his eyes and nailed his first BBF...


The rest is History.

Watch on YouTube

25:35 minutes
8 assist
1 Steal
4 TO
7 Fauls Received
4 Fauls Called
2 Rebounds
25 pts (5/11 Two) (4/8 Three) (3/6 FT)
15 pts last 5 minutes.

Re: Nómades do Negro Troll Soles/Os Soenix ao Phol. We Not Doubling At Open Gym, Bro! I Get That Sh*t All Season.

Posted: Tue Aug 27, 2019 5:20 pm
by sunsbg
Rubio doing pretty well for someone considered as the worst scorer in the Suns starting lineup.

Re: Nómades do Negro Troll Soles/Os Soenix ao Phol. We Not Doubling At Open Gym, Bro! I Get That Sh*t All Season.

Posted: Tue Aug 27, 2019 6:18 pm
by El Hespiritu
His issues about shooting are more related with regularity/bipolarity/up&downity than with pure unability.

My personal impression is he's showing some actual long-range tendence to get little by little stabilizing it and thus getting better.
I'm not expecting him to take way more shots at PHX.
I do expect some slightly more regular %s.

And I'd even say a solid improvment on 3p.

Re: Nómades do NegroTrollSoles/OsSoenixAoPhol. We Not Doubling At Open Gym, Bro! I Get That Sh*t All Season!

Posted: Wed Aug 28, 2019 1:58 pm
by El Hespiritu
O Kudasai Kudasai
Come to the Theater Of Shadows
Behold the fear and the horror
This is Yamishibai time









The Dark Boy


13 Min
4 Pts (2/5 T2) (0/2 T3) (0/0 T1)
2 Reb
1 Ast
2 TO
2 Stl
3 Fouls received / 2 comitted

Re: 黑巨星太阳的游牧者,太阳下的凤凰,兄弟,我们不能在露天健身房翻倍!整个赛季我都明白!

Posted: Sat Aug 31, 2019 3:49 pm
by El Hespiritu
Now totally into Chung-Kuo mode.

Spain displayed some entangled 1st half disrupted by smart tunisian collective mobility both sides of the court.
The Afrobasket current champions aren't the most physical or talented african team but they know the game.

Then Quino/Llull left some flashes of being a decent 2nd unit backcourt, TheGoldenBoy nailed some threes and it was all over, allowing him (21min) and Gasol to rest and spare efforts for further games.
Read on Twitter

Watch on YouTube

Re: 黑巨星太阳的游牧者,太阳下的凤凰,兄弟,我们不能在露天健身房翻倍!整个赛季我都明白!

Posted: Mon Sep 2, 2019 9:41 am
by El Hespiritu
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Canada 92 Australia 108

The norther americans looked less bewildered by aussie press-zone than north americans did. Instead, their own zone defense meant some troubles for Boomers.
Had Thug Dellavedova showed less inspiration shooting threes and Australia would be defeated. Goulding, Bogut and a dark role player as Kai followed his lead.

Aron got few rebounds but that's not a bad tip: he doesn't care who gets the board as long he's a teammate. He's totally focused in boxing out one (or at times even two) of the opponents' big men instead.

All of his points aside FT were dunks or bank shot hooks near the rim. No threes this time and he barely tried two of them.
His defense was so functional as always but less impactful as usual. Bogut got the flashes.

RedBeard wasn't brilliant at all but he did a solid job.

Re: 黑巨星太阳的游牧者,太阳下的凤凰,兄弟,我们不能在露天健身房翻倍!整个赛季我都明白!

Posted: Mon Sep 2, 2019 3:43 pm
by El Hespiritu

Port Wealthy 63 - H's'p'h'n 73

Not so horrible as the exhibits with Argentina and Russia but walking the same lane.
Entangled game. Spain allowed a team smaller and less talented (and even less organized) put them in troubles just by effort and illusion.

My personal guess is they will get better when they play against better teams... that's a sorta traditional Spanish basketball way.
Son sus costumbres y hay que respetarlas (他们是他们的习惯,我们必须尊重他们).

With this 赢得 on PUR they are yet classified for eliminatories.
At least, The Golden Boy nailed his first BBF in the tournament. I feel relief now 'cause without this particular type of shot, he can't win at the end.

First shot in the video... that's a BBF in case you're wondering

Watch on YouTube

Good in defense specially on borícua's P'n'R. There he got most of his rebounds.
Not that golden today in game direction. Team was dazed and confused so he eventually focused in looking for Gasol at the post.
His shooting % bit bland but he was one of the only players who didn't really suck in this match.

Next meaningless game against Irán.

Addendo: For unknown reasons, he's one of the most popular players for chinese fans.


The undisputed nº1 is Bogut tho.
Yeah, China is different.

Re: 黑巨星太阳的游牧者,太阳下的凤凰,兄弟,我们不能在露天健身房翻倍!整个赛季我都明白!

Posted: Tue Sep 3, 2019 3:15 am
Can someone explain the thread title to me? Curious why it's not in english...

Re: 黑巨星太阳的游牧者,太阳下的凤凰,兄弟,我们不能在露天健身房翻倍!整个赛季我都明白!

Posted: Tue Sep 3, 2019 9:52 am
by El Hespiritu
It says the same it used to say last month.

Roughly (ideograms get some troubles with the word "troll". I had to try between "star" and "demon" ):

Black Troll Suns Nomads. Los Soenix al Phol. We're Not Doubling At Open Gym, Bro! I Get This **** All Season!

It's not in English for the same reason is not in Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Urdu, Tagalo... (there are plenty more options but you get the idea):

Because it's in (simplified) Chinese right now.
It fits with the main current thread's theme at the moment (FIBA WC2019).

Translation is a tricky thing.

Re: 黑巨星太阳的游牧者,太阳下的凤凰,兄弟,我们不能在露天健身房翻倍!整个赛季我都明白!

Posted: Tue Sep 3, 2019 12:41 pm
by El Hespiritu

Q2 36-33 AUS

I was late... I missed Baynes' starting time. Bogut playing right now.
At the replays, I see him dunking Ol'Man's dishes.

Senegal was one of my eye-candy expectations for this World Cup. After Dieng and TaCo quitting I had to lowered them.

Aside Dalmeida and Saba, Senegal is a mimble giants' parade. Arguably most physically powerful tournament's team: taller, stronger, faster and higher-jumpers than USA.

And most of players with at least some minutes at court (six 1/2 guys... the rest are towel-shooters) aren't logs at all; some of them shows legit skillset and individual talent and stuff.

The Houston We Have A Problem thing is but the tactical collective talent (this is an actual talent... did you know?).

They basically suck at it.

Probably it's not only a blatant players liability (they badly miss Gorgui's leadership to impose some team's mentality on the locker room) or a coaching staff frailty... my educated guess is the Senegalese Federation has something to do.
They aren't so undiscreet as Nigeria but I read some bad stuff.... on the other hand, the Women National Team Lionesses works fine enough, so who knows?

They try at first but whatever the reason (either "Pesky Aussie Press Zone" or "I Feel The Flow, Bros!! Get Out My Way!!") the whole thing ends up by posting and hustling blindly to get a brute dunk or a hero-three based on "Because YoLo" shooting selection.

Better than I thought with their Gorguiless defense. They speak (and argue) a lot and do their best to don't remain stack on pickups aiming for a certain positional order.

Fine enough to compete decently against Boomers so far.

3Q 60-50 AUS

Aussies leading elastically between 8 to 12 points during most of this quarter.

RedBeard/Ol'Man p'n'r is a mass destruction weapon: Baynes sums another dunk.
Next defense, he blocks hard on NDour himself (trust me... that's not an easy thing to do).

Bogut's time.

Brick Mills nails some three (finally!). Dalmeida anwsers it and then (the flow thing...) finishes fearless at the rim on Bogut.

Ingles blocks Faye... he's today in TheOl'ManOFTheGame-mode: he runs the whole team both sides the court and finds some room to get some highlights just for fun.

Senegalese attack is a pain. Defense still holding fast but loosing breath (short rotation) minute to minute.

It can only get worse.

4Q 81-68 Final

Baynes in.

Kay fails on offense and nails on defense: a good definition of what he is.
The africans are now so terrified about Ingles/Aron's 2x2 they prefer fouling them instead.

Thug Delly assists Baynes alone for frontal 3... or so he'd done provided Baynes didn't perpetrate an airball.
There were orders to don't take early shots and let the clock run. You can tell just looking at coaches' faces and the apologetical grin Aron dedicates to a sadonically smiling Ingles...

He's RedBeard... you need to love him.
To his discharge, he immediately displays a stupendous defense allowing PattyBrick for fast transition.

Faye is the greatest passer I've ever seen since Kobe Bryant.
Well... most of his team gets a high rank on that.
Dalmeida looks almost done with them and even an IQed player as NDour ends up hero-balling out of pure desperation.

Baynes dunks a good Thug's Ingles-esque assist. Touré & NDouye put under the focus kinda "effort management" of oceanic defense.
Ingles was resting but returns to put some criterion both sides.

Y then, Bogut to help him on that. Baynes quits.

NDour heroball fails. Bogut misses 2 FT.
Senegal was allowed to trail just 7. NDour sends Brick (the player, not the ball) to the 2nd seats' row in a loose ball. Mills fails one.

OL'Man Three!
Sambé & Dalmeida lighted some illusory hopes. Mills bricks them out even from that.

Senegal legitely competed.
That's something.

Redbeard was unstoppable in the Ingles p'n'r and did a great defense.
Againf, few boards and a lot of boxouts.

Saric & Dancing Kami might get their best rebounding season alongside him.
I guess he won't share the court more much with Ayton he's doing with Bogut unless Monty has some fetish for BigBall that I'm not aware of to this day.

Imageby @PantoMvp

Addendo: In this graphic, Aron is the most efficient aussie per minute exceptis excipiendis Ol'Man Ingles, who's off the chart.
Not trolling... he's so high in the axis that didn't fit for a proper readable size.

Addendo II: USA 93- Türkiye 92 (ot)

Sarver... we badly need this guy!!



Re: 黑巨星太阳的游牧者,太阳下的凤凰,兄弟,我们不能在露天健身房翻倍!整个赛季我都明白!

Posted: Wed Sep 4, 2019 4:22 pm
by El Hespiritu
65 جمهوری اسلامی ایران - Reino de España 73

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Troll Delayed Stats AnalyticsTM collected more data to keep filling Rubio's TEff/W per BBF(*) sample.

It was yet to determine if the impact of this kind of shot was solely related with his personal inspiration (he usually displays more solid games when he nails some of them than when not) or if it had a statistically noteable influence on wins.

From this point on I'll dare to say GoldenBoy's Bizarre-Balanced-Fadeaway impact is apparently unrelated with his own individual performance and it has a true link with team Wins.

He mostly sucked today.
Spanish Team mostly sucked today (as often does against underrated teams).


And yet they won.

Next games, against Italia and Srbjca.




(*)True Efficiency In Wins When Some Bizarre-Balanced-FadeAway Is Nailed.

Re: 黑巨星太阳的游牧者,太阳下的凤凰,兄弟,我们不能在露天健身房翻倍!整个赛季我都明白!

Posted: Fri Sep 6, 2019 3:37 pm
by El Hespiritu
I was looking replayed last Rise Of the Aron and then I watched live Spain vs. italy.

Lietuvos Respublika 82 - Commonwealth of Australia 87
Lithuanian Big Men were supposed to form one of the strongest paints on this World Cup, second to none but Srbjca.

Aron just bite them, chewed them a bit and then spitted them politely into a plastic glass.

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Valanciunas will need therapy to deal with what happened.
Sabonis will always get the chance to complain about such few minutes he got from his coach but he should be grateful instead... he docked not a bullet but a cannonball of posterizations.

21 pts (3/5 3p)
13 reb
2 ast

RedBeard was unstoppable in attack and unbeatable in defense.

He was so good than allowed Ol'Man indulge himself by barely make some point and rest comfortably on rather just sending dishes for him to dunk, gave permission to BrickMills to sleep three quarters, put Bogut in charge of the Fouls Management Department, made Goulding - Landale look worse than they actually are and Kay - Creek far better.

Thug Dellavedova did more or les same Thug stuff he often does... guy just doesn't care what else's happening to display his game. Is not an aesthetical game, I know that but you can always count on it whatever it takes.

In summary: the best possible RedBeard so far available made his stellar stage entrance when he was more needed.
This is (on his inspired nights) the guy Soenix Phuns got to backup Ayton.

Are you kidding me?

May he keep this mojo regularly enough, he should be starter or either be traded at next deadline(*)Image

Or else we'll see Ayton being embarassed night after night by the comparison with his own replacement.
Embarassment turning into blatant shame if we focus on defense.

(*)Nah. Just trolling...(**)
(**)Well... so long at least