Game 6: Phoenix Suns (4-1) @ Denver Nuggets (1-3) l Saturday l 7:00pm

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Re: Game 6: Phoenix Suns (4-1) @ Denver Nuggets (1-3) l Saturday l 7:00pm 

Post#461 » by sunsbg » Sun Jan 3, 2021 6:32 pm

Booker was not looking very good on O early last season playing with a new PG in a new system. He was efficient at the start of the season, but had many mediocre games as well when the team needed him the most because of the injuries/suspension. At that time he was putting more effort on D. Then before the ASG he picked it up offensively. This will happen again at some point this season. Never been worried about his scoring, but TOs and two man game with Ayton have always been a concern (like a pass that hit the backboard rather than DA's hands in last game). Ayton scoring like 10ppg is obviously an area for improvement. All in all, 5-1 is great start for a team that still learns to play as a unit.
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Re: Game 6: Phoenix Suns (4-1) @ Denver Nuggets (1-3) l Saturday l 7:00pm 

Post#462 » by bwgood77 » Sun Jan 3, 2021 9:27 pm

Frank Lee wrote:No slim, the general opinion was that we played great, that DA was excellent. Yes, We played great defensively. But Just watch the game, almost every offensive possession was a struggle, most of them adlibbing breakdowns with the shot clock ticking down. This offense doesn’t work. There is no system... just some hokey label. Furthermore, the bench plays with far more urgency and focus.

And this isn’t about Booker vrs Ayton as so many of you love to suggest. Book has been blowing. Hes getting the ball too late in the shot clock and has to go ISO. He’s falling into the ‘pass cause he can’t get his shot’ mode. And failing spectacularly. We don’t seem to be running too many plays for him as well. But Book is still drawing the most attention. And I’m not so sure CP is running this squad any better than Rubes. It’s a different approach. We don’t even start a play till 12+ seconds in. And then it’s usually the inept Pick and Stroll. It seems almost every shot is contested. I think I saw one successful fast break last game.... nobody even tries an aggressive outlet pass. We plod up the court at loafing speed. I think the bench is more fun to watch, as long as it’s Shankless.

Just watch closely and make a count next game of the Pick and Strolls, the non picks, the problems with spacing. The inability to get the ball to the roller. The frustration CP has. It burns the first 15 seconds off the clock with no results. If we are going to integrate Ayton into every play, he needs to get it. For now, I think this is asking too much tho, as he is BBIQly challenged. Like he has to think on every move, every step. Because he does. I don’t think he’ll ever be a good PnR guy. How many lobs have we seen so far ? May we can go back to that quick pass pass pass shoot offense that was being called beautiful. This quagmire O we are defaulting to is getting painful to watch. I’m beginning to think it’s the price we pay trying to engage the soft-minded DA.

Obviously , the D has been stifling, but other teams have been struggling too with the same excuse made here... new personnel, short camp, etc... it’s a luxury that side of the court has come together. Else we’d be getting blown out.

The bolded is BS. He usually brings the ball up at least half the time, and often holds it the whole possession and hunts for a shot, and either takes a bad one, waits too long to pass while he is trapped, turns it over, or gets it to someone who has to rush a shot.

Why does he draw so much defensive attention? Because he dribbles too long hunting for a shot until he backs himself into a corner.

If he played within the .5 offense, shooting it quickly or passing it quickly, or even making his iso move quickly, he'd have one defender...they are not going to double a guy who doesn't have the ball yet.

If he plays within the offense, his efficiency improves and his turnovers go down. This offense isn't about holding the ball.He may get the ball late in the shot clock once in a while, but again, if he shot or passed quickly, and doesn't go iso, he isn't going to have to go against two defenders trying to iso.

There was one time he got it so late he had to chuck it at the backboard like a bullet into frustration, getting mad at Payne or whoever passed it so late, but it's not often this happens with him. He is the guy who holds it too long....and it's not close. Possibly Paul does somewhat close but he is a high IQ player who knows what he is doing.
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Re: Game 6: Phoenix Suns (4-1) @ Denver Nuggets (1-3) l Saturday l 7:00pm 

Post#463 » by Frank Lee » Sun Jan 3, 2021 11:40 pm

Nope... calling BS on your BS

Just rewatched the 1st Q and Book brought the ball up ZERO times. He went out with about 2:00 to go. In all times CP was in, he brought it up, then Payne took over.

I’m not going to watch the rest as I’ll leave that up to you if you want to de-manure yourself.

Yes Book has had a rough go, wacky forced TOs and some very unclutch missed free throws. He’s just not getting as much offensive opportunity as he’s accustomed to. He does seem to go Hero late, as I think it’s implied that’s his roll as much as it’s CPs.

May be watch tonight’s game with a little more of an honest eye about the Offense. We’ll see if it works any better.

Just a side note... even with Ayton’s propensity to loaf, and his confusion on spacing, he is still effective. My observations are just that, not a bashfest. He at least is excelling on the D end, if he can stay out of foul trouble.
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Re: Game 6: Phoenix Suns (4-1) @ Denver Nuggets (1-3) l Saturday l 7:00pm 

Post#464 » by bwgood77 » Sun Jan 3, 2021 11:50 pm

I was talking more about the 4th quarter and in prior games. If you don't see him dribbling around hunting for shots until he gets trapped, then I don't know what to tell you. How do you think he gets so much gravity? Because he does that? But sounds like you are right about the 1st quarter, and maybe the 2nd and some of the 3rd.It's only when he tries to take over.

He's done a good job of not doing that a lot, and playing within the offense attimes, and we build big leads without him doing much, or trying to do too much. But when he tries that iso stuff, it hurts.

That's why he had like 1 turnover in the 1st quarter and maybe 2 at the half, but had a ton late when he tried to take over and got himself into bad situations, and this was against a poor defensive team in Denver.

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