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Re: Showing They Belong... 

Post#21 » by HoopsFanAZ » Tue Mar 10, 2020 3:21 pm

Sinobas wrote:Isn't it clear to everyone by now that CJ and Damian are NOT enough to do it on their own? Yet they've invested in CJ like he's the Pippen to MJ. We need to get out of his contract or it will severly hamper our ability to surround Dame with the talent needed to make us a decent playoff team.

Nurkic, Collins, McCollum, Lillard. Plus 3 nice, young players. A seriously motivated Hood. Choices to make this off-season with HWEC, Ariza and Melo. I’m pretty optimistic.

They’re not on their own next season. Or moving forward.
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Re: Showing They Belong... 

Post#22 » by zzaj » Wed Mar 11, 2020 1:17 am

d-train wrote:
zzaj wrote:
d-train wrote:The Blazers problem is Lillard isn't MJ. MJ and CJ would do really well in today's NBA. Of course, MJ and anyone would do well.
Actually, Lillard and CJ haven't been awful and their future prospects aren't awful either.

The problem with your statement is it lacks real world comprehension. Players are not paid based on their ability relative to MJ and Pippen. The pay of players is based on a complicated CBA, their predicted value in actual free agent bidding, and alternative options teams have to spend their money better.

Edit: Another example of your unawareness is your statement ignores the player the Blazers are paying more for than the free agent market would have paid to the player. Lillard is paid more than his free agent value not because other teams wouldn't also pay it, but because the CBA doesn't allow other teams to pay it. So, was paying Lillard the example of poor management you were searching for? Probably not, because the alternative to paying Lillard more than his free agent market value is most likely worse, at least from the visibility into the probable future we currently have.

Of course this forum is for people, with the benefit of hindsight, to make thoughtless and inaccurate statements about past events. Blazers management makes their decisions based on estimates of future alternatives and their estimates have 10x better precision than your view of the past.

Such a veiled, but supremely condescending and baiting troll post.

Veil: Please explain, I said exactly what I believe openly.
Supremely condescending: I didn't say anything with an aim to be disrespectful. My statement is accurate.
Baiting troll post: I taunted noone. My statement includes no insults and requires/encourages no response. Hopefully, it encourages any response to be well thought out.

My bolded sections of your post show all of the things I mention:

For example, "The problem with your statement is it lacks real world comprehension" is a veiled way of saying Sinobas lacks real world comprehension, which is both insulting, taunting and disrespectful. It also assumes that you DO have real world talking down to someone who in your assumption, doesn' exactly what condescension is.

I won't say more about it. You're views here are often contrarian and controversial, and obviously Sinobas didn't take I'll not stick my nose where it doesn't belong.
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Re: Showing They Belong... 

Post#23 » by ebott » Wed Apr 1, 2020 5:41 pm

Anybody got any strong feelings as to who the blazers should draft assuming the stay I their current position? We could obviously use another big man. Anyone watch any games with this Vernon Carey kid?
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Re: Showing They Belong... 

Post#24 » by Goldbum » Thu Apr 2, 2020 3:05 am

Some Players I Like:
Precious: Could be a dynamic 3/4 combo athletic and strong enough to impact the game on both ends.
Aaron Nesmith: Typical N.O. pick this guy is efficient and dynamic. His shooting at the SF position could change everything. He can't create his own offense but can space the floor and potentially guard the position. Could be more of a SG
Sadiq Bey: Not the shooter but better size, playmaking and defensive potential. Still a plus floor space but not as efficient as Nesmith. 6'8" and smooth
Devin Vassell: More dynamic athlete than either Bey or Nesmith. Super high potential with his burst and shooting touch. 6'7" and long.

I really really like Jalen Smith if we can move up from our second round pick or even move down for Vassell and a late first.
Makur Makur: Is a guy who will slide because of Thon. He's a better player.
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