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Re: Mark Cuban says June 1 is the over/under, he's under

Posted: Mon May 18, 2020 2:50 pm
by d-train
Oden2 wrote:I pose this question to all: Are there any realistic names we could trade some Combo of non dame players for? KAT? Simmons? LMA? Gobert? Beal? Really when I look at the landscape I can’t see anything realistic that makes us a contender outside of us pulling off a pipe dream trade Or dealing away a mega pick package

We couldn't get KAT if we offered Lillard. I'm not sure I would offer Lillard for KAT. We have a lot invested in Lillard, CJ, Nurkic, and Collins. KAT is an attractive building block, but I think I will stick with the progress we are making with what we have. Lillard and CJ have been great leaders and partners with Olshey and Stotts. The hand we have is worth playing to the finish.

Re: Mark Cuban says June 1 is the over/under, he's under

Posted: Mon May 25, 2020 2:33 pm
by LillardTime
US death toll about to tick over 100,000. Still around 20,000 new infections per day. Yet still lots of talk about “re-opening” and getting things going again. Should any US sports really get going before America can actually get on top of the virus and demonstrate an ability to significantly slow the spread over a prolonged period of time? Up until now the prevention of the spread has basically been non-existent.

As a foreign observer, this is an intriguing study of the human psyche. Lots of countries who have felt the effects of COVID-19 far less from a casualty standpoint than the US seem to be taking the threat way more seriously and yet those who have suffered most seem to be least concerned.