Scrimmage #2: Portland vs Toronto 3pm

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Re: Scrimmage #2: Portland vs Toronto 3pm 

Post#41 » by zzaj » Wed Jul 29, 2020 12:30 am

Village Idiot wrote:
zzaj wrote:
Village Idiot wrote:Goran Dragic is an upcoming free-agent who would fit that role perfectly.

Dragic would likely fit in well on this team, especially with Lillard--just about anybody with passing acumen would. Dragic is 34 and his last salary was 17M/year. I can't imagine the Blazers are going to commit to anything close to that given their payroll situation.
Given his age and the precarious state of the league's finances Dragic should be available for the BAE

There are teams that will give him more. Minny, shoot even the Raps could make a go. He still has some stuff left in the tank.

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