Game 46: Portland vs Toronto 4:00pm SNW

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Re: Game 46: Portland vs Toronto 4:00pm SNW 

Post#41 » by DaVoiceMaster » Mon Mar 29, 2021 2:45 pm

LoveMyRaps wrote:If y'all continue to disrespect Powell and play Melo more minutes, you're gonna have to hand him back to us.
But to be fair, Norm did get in foul trouble early. Stotts is smart enough to give Norm the minute he deserves.

Foul trouble cut into his minutes in the first half pretty heavily. He was out in the first quarter after like 4 minutes, then picked up his third foul well before the end of the 2nd quarter and had to sit again. I think he'll get the minutes, but last night was just not his night. He got into foul trouble and just didn't play that well overall. With Jones Jr playing as well as he was, it seemed like he got more minutes than usual. Stotts has options and maybe he goes with the hot hand. A couple of nights ago, that was Powell, last night that was Jones Jr. Maybe next game it'll be Powell again. I am curious to see how he does with McCollum AND Lillard. With just McCollum against the Magic, he did really well. He won't have as many shots if all 3 are playing together. I think Powell can really help come playoff time because he can handle the ball, drive, and create. The Blazers have not had that and in the playoffs, teams really focus on Lillard, then CJ and let the rest of the team do their thing, which hasn't been much over the years. I"m hopeful this year will be different with Powell and the 2-headed monster call Nurk & Turk (Kanter) in the middle. Covington has been killing it from outside, as well.
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