Game 47: Portland vs Detroit 4:00pm SNW

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Re: Game 47: Portland vs Detroit 4:00pm SNW 

Post#21 » by monopoman » Fri Apr 2, 2021 2:25 am

Epicurus wrote:
BlazersBroncos wrote:Nurkic has been back for 45 seconds basically and already made his passing known. I love Kanter, but man do I miss that passing.

And his simple presence makes everyone else seemingly play better on defense. Like, he isnt necessarily making splash plays on defense but just being on the floor seems to make everyone else play with more effort or something. Its basically inexplicable.
On the other hand, that fine passer had a ridiculous 42.9% turnover rate. Passing has costs not just benefits, despite the movie "Hoosiers."

How many of those TO's are from him rebounding the ball and getting it taken away?

I mean Nurk is battling for boards constantly and I see him lose at least two of them a game on average to guards swiping at the ball after he rebounds it.

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