Game 33: Portland vs Dallas 7:00pm Root+

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Re: Game 33: Portland vs Dallas 7:00pm Root+ 

Post#21 » by BlazersBroncos » Thu Dec 30, 2021 2:28 pm

Case2012 wrote:For the love of god, please don’t draft 195 lb Holmgren. Take a two way wing, the lottery is ;loaded with them. I was extremely vocal about not drafting Collins and I was right, now you want to draft him again. Some of you never learn do you? White American big men are trash, you have to go euro.

This is preposterous. Chet is not Zach Collins. Its not even close.

And the past is not a infallible prediction of the future. Crossing off all white American bigs due to past failure is bananas. Chet is a KP level unicorn with a similar game but much better motor / coachability. He moves like a SF and on length and mobility alone is a game changing defender. Much less selfish / better passer than KP as well. He doesnt require high offensive usage to change the game in positive ways as evidenced by his play so far at Gonzaga, he doesnt force shots or stat chase (Dude is at near 70% 2PT this year), he is a unbelievable shotblocker (3.8 BPG in 25mpg) and has the lateral mobility to switch onto SF and even SG without being totally spun around. The kid is really, really good.

Euros from the 2nd or 3rd leagues in Europe generally are overdrafted and suck so lets not draft this kid Giannis.

Also not sure I agree that the lotto is loaded with 2 way wings. If you want to take Mathurin over Chet should we land top 4/5, thats your choice. Just one I vehemently disagree with.

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