Game #51 Sacramento vs Atlanta

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Re: Game #51 Sacramento vs Atlanta 

Post#21 » by benchmobbin02 » Thu Jan 31, 2019 4:57 pm

bleeds_purple wrote:
benchmobbin02 wrote:I really think if we don't trade WCS, we will see Bags move into the starting lineup after the break and the second unit to be Giles and Beli. It's gonna be fun watching them with Bogi.

Sooner or later Bagley will be a starter irrespective of anything else.

That should be the path but it's not a certainty.

I can see two cases where that doesn't happen at least this year. And no I don't think these are likely.

One is if he and his dad make a huge stink about him not starting after the allstar break and he becomes a really problem in the locker room. You can't reward that behavior and it could lead to a fracture of the relationship with the coach and team as a whole.

Two is if we make a trade that changes the dynamic in the front court so that it makes sense to wait one year before adding him to the starting lineup. While I agree that wouldn't make a ton of sense but it is a possibility that we grab a really good player on a one year rental that is just plain better and a better fit with Fox and Buddy.
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