Potential Lineups For the Stretch Run

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Potential Lineups For the Stretch Run 

Post#1 » by bleeds_purple » Sun Feb 10, 2019 8:16 pm

It's only been one game with the new guys but it seems pretty clear that adding Barnes and Burks has brought the Kings a ton of lineup versatility. Looking at the roster, I'm hoping we test out the following lineups (a lot of which we've already seen in action to various degrees):

    Fox/Buddy/Barnes/Bjelica/WCS - should remain the starting lineup

    Yogi/Buddy/Bogi/Bagley/Giles - the bench lineup I really want to see

    Fox/Burks/Barnes/Bagley/Giles - the other "bench" lineup

    Bogi/Buddy/Burks/Barnes/WCS (Bagley) - "big guard" lineup that allows for a lot of switching; if the other team is abusing Yogi we can go to this

    Fox/Buddy/Bogi (Barnes)/Bjelica (Barnes)/Bagley - suspect on defense but could allow Fox/Bagley pick-and-roll to shine

    Fox/Buddy/Barnes/Bagley/Giles - "wet bandits" and the starters; I really want to see this

    Fox/Buddy/Bogi/Barnes/Bagley (WCS) - the closing lineup
Mostly, I would really like to see us avoid going to five bench players at the same time. When we go to the bench, we need to leave Buddy on the floor. We also need to get Fox and Bagley in lineups together with three point shooters around them.
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Re: Potential Lineups For the Stretch Run 

Post#2 » by simonbampfield » Sun Feb 10, 2019 8:54 pm

One of the line ups I want to see is Burks/Buddy/Bogi/Barnes/Bjelica. Or go big and leave space for Bags with Fox/Buddy/Barnes/Bjelica/Bagley.

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Re: Potential Lineups For the Stretch Run 

Post#3 » by SactoKingsFan » Fri Feb 15, 2019 12:52 am

Should see a good amount of Barnes at PF. He's most useful as s small ball 4.

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