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Re: Kings General Discussion 2019-2020 

Post#101 » by Sactowndog » Mon Aug 26, 2019 4:19 am

Not sure if the Kings make the playoffs but seems like a reasoned article.
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Re: Kings General Discussion 2019-2020 

Post#103 » by BoogieTime » Mon Sep 9, 2019 3:27 am

becorz wrote:
BoogieTime wrote:But there is little reason for the Kings to render it now when they can most likely match it next off season

The benefit for Buddy taking less is getting that long term dough. Anything injury wise can happen. He’s coming off a rookie deal. Secure big time money is what the Kings have to make him take less or just match next offseason

If the Kings can get Buddy to agree to an extension that is not a designated rookie extension, they need to sign him to it immediately.

The Kings can't afford to lose Buddy. Buddy knows this. I am sure the Kings want to keep Buddy happy and there is no better way to do that than $20+ million a year. Why delay the inevitable? The only downside is if Buddy gets hurt, but his skill set is such that an injury shouldn't harm him, long term.

It is pretty clear that Fox is getting the designated rookie extension when he comes up. And Bagley, if he develops as the Kings would hope, also might be in that territory. You can only have two designated rookies.

The Kings aren't going to have cap space next year. There is little downside to signing Buddy to an extension. If he agree to the non-designated rookie max, just sign the man.

Issue is retaining Fox/Bagley/BOgi/Giles/Barnes too if Giles is the player many on this board think he may get to. Damn hard paying Buddy 30 even with the rising cap. I hope we can get some type of discount by next month

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