Combining trade rumors

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Combining trade rumors 

Post#1 » by naushdramen » Sun Jul 11, 2021 4:40 pm

Obviously there are a ton of rumors flying around with Sac involved. Wondering what thoughts you had on combining three I’ve seen.

First one is MB3 and 39 for Mo Bamba and 33.
Bagley allows them to not rush Isaac back from ACL and gives the minutes at 5 to Carter (knowing they played together at Duke). Bagley moves to offense off the bench when Isaac is back and allows them some flexibility for small ball lineups with him and Isaac 4/5, giving Isaac tougher D matchup. Also saves Sac about 4 mil next year.

B/R has Buddy and a 2RP (33?)to LAL for Kuzma and Harrell (maybe even #22). Makes a lot of sense for Sac even if I’m not a Kuzma guy. Get a 1yr look at Harrell and can fill in if/when Holmes leaves for his $14mil+ annual deal. Kuzma can rehab a little of value playing 3/4 for Kings and under Luke.

I’ve seen people floating something like Buddy Barnes and 9 to GSW for Wiggins/Wiseman/14 (anyone who tries to say 7 is reaching with that offer).

I think swapping in Harrell instead of Buddy actually helps GSW more. They can use rebounding/toughness off the bench and for less than 10mil comes way cheaper to save them money than Buddy at 18-20 and is more redundant in GSW with Klay and Steph.

So then it becomes the question of can you move picks around to make it work. Does Sac want to move 22 (and the proposed 14) to get up to 7 for more of an impact guy? Or do they want 2 chances at FRPs at 14 and 22? Does GSW as they try and make one more trade want 7 and 9 to try and move up?

My guess is Sac wants 7 and challenges GSW to make something out of 9/14/22 (Trade to OKC for 6/18?) But Personally I’d hope they can get Kai Jones to try and make one more impact move with the other FRP if they go 14/22

Sac (with 7)
Wiggins/(7-Moody or pray somehow S Barnes falls)

Sac with 14/22
Kuzma/22-K Jones/Metu

Feel free to rearrange as you see fit, I’m also guessing Sac is willing to include any of their draft picks from last 2-3 years in a deal (Guy, James, Woodard, Ramsey)

Not sure if this would be the push for the play in mission Vivek and FO seem to be on but allows for growth while not being awful. Catching lightning in a bottle with one of the young Centers, revival of Kuzma and another small step forward for Wiggins makes this group deeper than last years and probably a little more competitive.
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Re: Combining trade rumors 

Post#2 » by jazanetti » Sun Jul 11, 2021 8:12 pm

I like Bagley-Bamba trade.
GS will try to get something more if trading Wiseman, Wiggins and their picks.

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Re: Combining trade rumors 

Post#3 » by NotMyKawhi » Thu Aug 5, 2021 4:40 pm

Pascal for (buddy or barnes) bagley and mitchell?
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Re: Combining trade rumors 

Post#4 » by sackings916 » Thu Aug 5, 2021 5:38 pm

NotMyKawhi wrote:Pascal for (buddy or barnes) bagley and mitchell?

Swap out Mitchell for 2 lightly protected 1sts
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Re: Combining trade rumors 

Post#5 » by codydaze » Thu Aug 5, 2021 6:10 pm

sackings916 wrote:
NotMyKawhi wrote:Pascal for (buddy or barnes) bagley and mitchell?

Swap out Mitchell for 2 lightly protected 1sts

This is what I would want to do as well. I would try to get top 10 protection on 2022 and then top 3 or top 5 protection on 2024. If push comes to shove I would do just top 5 on that 2022 pick as well.

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