Game 26 Thread - Kings (11-14) @ Hornets (14-13)

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Re: Game 26 Thread - Kings (11-14) @ Hornets (14-13) 

Post#21 » by RipPizzaGuy » Sat Dec 11, 2021 10:38 pm

simonbampfield wrote:
RipPizzaGuy wrote:
simonbampfield wrote:That’s a tough loss. They took it too easy in the first half.
Cant blame Fox, he got us back in it and generally played really well.

Buddy and Bagley breakdowns on D were costly.
Bags was decent overall, but no way he, nor Buddy should have been in the game to close out on D.

I really liked Hali shooting the ball much quicker, but didn’t agree with him not handling the ball in P&R more.

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I was thinking the same thing towards the end of the game. I like Bagley and how he's been playing, but towards the end it shoulda been Thompson and (even though I wasn't impressed with his game) Barnes or at the minimum harkless or metu.

They were scoring buckets at will.

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Particularly that Davis foul on Martin. We had a timeout left so there was no excuse not to have a defensive lineup in.
The team missed a good opportunity that’s all.

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Yup. At the end of the day Fox will get the blame and partially rightfully so. As the star player who was on fire in the 4th you have to sink at least one of those shots and send it to OT. But I was personally hoping we wouldn't have even ended up in that situation.

But you know credit due, Bouknight was insane. 24 pts on 14 shots in 26 minutes. 6/8 from 3. Wow. Oubre/Martin with some insane makes as well.

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