P. Jones IV

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Re: P. Jones IV 

Post#141 » by Ayt » Tue Jun 12, 2012 4:17 am

crazybranman360 wrote:
Charsace wrote:
crazybranman360 wrote:He was the 2nd leading scorer, leading rebounder, and shot 50% from the field on a division I basketball team that went to the elite 8.

This notion that he doesn't care about basketball + he wasn't a productive player at Baylor is just wrong.

Did he underperform? Of course.
But was he "not a good basketball player"? NO

He's not a good basketball player. You can save my post if you want and call me on it if he's ever a good player. He produced those mediocre numbers because he was just physically superior to everyone he matched up with. He won't be able to get by on that in the NBA.

now I really know you didn't watch him. All athlete? really? Not skilled? smh

What skills does he have that translate to the NBA?
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Re: P. Jones IV 

Post#142 » by Swift21 » Tue Jun 12, 2012 6:03 am

need4detroit wrote:I think PJIII can go either way but some of you sound very ignorant to say he's not skilled. Anyways, if he does end up becoming very good, some of you will look extremely dumb.

Don't count on it. This frail tweener will be a bust for sure.
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Re: P. Jones IV 

Post#143 » by ERRDAY3 » Tue Jun 12, 2012 8:34 pm

Perry Jones is 6'10+ without shoes and recorded 39 inch vertical thats like the highest for a guy 6'10+ ever? Great on the sprint too

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