Could '13 draft re-establish centers as focal points in NBA?

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Re: Could '13 draft re-establish centers as focal points in 

Post#41 » by ManualRam » Sat Nov 10, 2012 8:21 pm

princeofpalace wrote:It sounds like you arent familiar with Drummond at all.

This a tweet from Ford at the end of May
Chad Ford
Drummond has lost 22 pounds since ending the season. He's at 268 now. He's very quick laterally for a big guy. VERY QUICK ... 0273861632[

He measured at 279 at the combine and that is after he reportedly lost weight.

I agree that Adams can get to 260 but that is still 20lbs lighter than a rookie Andre Drummond, which I don't think you understand. Its not close unless you think being 20lbs lighter and considerably less athletic is the definition of "close" And thats only if Drummond doesn't get bigger, which is unlikely.

Steven Adams is no Andre Drummond and he's no freak. He's got very good size to be a C but lets not go overboard. If anyone is going to be charged with homerism, its you. Freshman Andre was significantly bigger than freshman Adams, while being significantly more athletic.

i'm familiar. so drummond had to LOSE weight to get in better condition? what do you think drummond's peak weight is gonna be? over 300 lbs? and how does he use that weight? does he play physically by nature? does he set crushing screens? does he box out yet? does he even use his massive frame to establish and hold position? physical tools are as useful as they are if the player is naturally inclined to use them. this is a guy who had a 50+ lb weight advantage at times against other kids in college and still allowed himself to get pushed off the block and out of position.

i'd consider adams a better athlete than meyers leonard because of his better agility, lateral quicks, ability to change directions, quicker 2nd and 3rd jumps and lower body strength... and i consider meyers a freak as well. not only does adams have great physical tools for a center but he's also naturally inclined to use them.

i'll put it like this. put freshman adams on the floor with freshman drummond, ball comes off the rim in the paint and they're fighting for position for the board, i know who i'll put my money on to get the rebound.
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Re: Could '13 draft re-establish centers as focal points in  

Post#42 » by EddieJonesFan » Mon Nov 12, 2012 11:50 pm

Adams looks like he's going to be the best true center prospect in a while.

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