2011 NBA Draft lotto remix

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2011 NBA Draft lotto remix 

Post#1 » by Elden Payton » Fri Nov 16, 2012 10:40 am

This is too early to fairly do this but now that we've had a chance to see Valanciunas (albeit a small sample size) and their Sophomore improvement, how do you think the lotto should have gone?

CLE-Irving-This was their guy and they made the right call.
MIN-Valanciunas-How could they not see this is the perfect guy for Love and Rubio.
UTA-Kanter-This was the guy they wanted all along.
CLE-T.Thompson-This was their guy for this pick all along using their scouting system.
TOR-Walker-Kemba would have actually been perfect for the raps and they don't trade for Lowry later.
WAS-Leonard-Would have been perfect for Wall in hindsight since he can shoot which was the big question.
CHA-Biyombo-They needed to or Detroit gets him before them at nine and they wanted him all along.
DET-Thompson-Biyombo is gone and they need a shooter, may take Faried.
CHA-Williams-BPA, the P standing for potential.
SAC-Knight-PG is their biggest need, may take Faried.
GSW-Shumpert-Would of been the perfect foil for Curry/Ellis (at the time); may take Faried.
UTA-Burks-This was their guy all along, the perfect foil for Hayward.
PHO-Faried-Best player available, due to circumstance still falls.
HOU-Motiejunas-This was their guy and they have to take him or San Antonio does following the trade with Indy.

Fredette and the Morris twins fall out.


Please post your own.

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