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Chol Marial 

Post#1 » by oddwolfhooligan » Sat Aug 6, 2016 4:28 pm

I was just reading Givony's Adidas Nation's write up and found this eval of a player I've never seen or heard of. His name is Chol Marial.

-Has exceptional size and length. Around 7'2 or taller. Reportedly measured a 7'10 wingspan
-Very skinny but has a decent frame that should fill out in time with proper work
-Extremely mobile. Runs the court well. Quick off his feet. Covers ground fluidly
-Highly skilled for a big man his age
-Has outstanding touch around the basket. Finishes with both hands. Length allows him to finish from extreme vantage points. Releases his hook shots on the way down, making it difficult to guard and giving him a huge advantage when combined with his touch
-Can make a mid-range jumper with impressive mechanics and touch. Excellent free throw shooter
-Shows nice footwork and body control in the paint. Executes impressive spin moves.
-Has huge potential defensively as a rim protector with his exceptional length and ability to cover ground. Has a chance to be a game-changing defensive presence as he gains strength, experience and coaching.
-Shows good timing as a shot-blocker
-Has some physicality and competitiveness to him, despite his lack of strength

-Frame is still a long ways away. Very narrow in the lower body in particular. Will take him years to add enough strength to compete against older and stronger players
-Still figuring out what his limitations are. Forces the issue at times offensively. Not a great passer. Tends to move the ball as a last resort.
-Lack of strength makes it difficult to gain deep post position. Will settle for high degree of difficulty looks regardless
-Lacks a degree of explosiveness from a standstill, partially due to a lack of strength as his body is filling out. Doesn't know how to handle contact at the moment
-Still trying to figure out how to make the most of his tremendous combination of length and mobility defensively. Very long legs and high hips make it difficult for him to bend his knees and get into a stance on the perimeter. Will get blown by off the dribble at times by smaller and more skilled big men.
-Rebounding numbers are fairly lackluster everywhere he's been. Career 8.2 per-40. Goes after rebounds with one hand. Lets loose balls fly right over his head. Doesn't show great awareness or instincts when it comes to tracking the ball. Gets boxed out relatively easy on the defensive glass

If this is an accurate scouting report, then this guy has to be a top 2 pick if he comes out in 2019 along with Bagley. I admittedly have not watched him play so I'm not commenting on anything other than this write up, but this is easily one of the most impressive scouting reports that I've ever seen on DX.

Anyone know anything more about this guy?
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Re: Chol Marial 

Post#2 » by Marcus » Sat Aug 6, 2016 4:47 pm

Just watched him in one of the adidas nation games on ESPN. Super long kid, they said he hadn't been playing that long. Looks like a quick learner. Showed some nice footwork and finished with both hands. Used his lenght well and looked pretty mobile out there.

I'm definitely intrigued.
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Re: Chol Marial 

Post#3 » by paulbball » Sun Aug 7, 2016 7:26 am

I'm going to need a nice and detailed backstory on this kid.

He is from South Sudan. There have been an illustrative history of Sudanese athletes faking their age, most recently Thon Maker being at least 4 years older than his official documented DoB.

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