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Lamar Peters 

Post#1 » by retrobro90 » Wed Sep 6, 2017 7:21 am

The sophomore Mississippi State PG that just showed out heavily at Adidas Nations. As of now has him going 11th in 2018. I was surprised to see him ranked ahead of Trevon Duval. Mostly because I hardly know his game whereas Duval is often talked about as the next great freak athlete at the PG position. Would be interested to hear from any MSU fans about what they thought of Peters' freshman season and if they have any player comparisons.

Freshman year stats according to ESPN


38.7 FG% 36.6 3PT% 74.7 FT%

Here's a couple fun highlight videos.

Him at the most recent Adidas Nations

25pts/7asts against UK

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Re: Lamar Peters 

Post#2 » by 916fan » Thu Sep 7, 2017 1:10 am

I'm really interested to see why NBADraft has him at 11 too. Looking at his physical profile, he doesn't stand out. 6'0 188lbs. Pending wingspan, that's a little undersized for the PG position. He looks to be a really quick player with a nice first step and burst, but doesn't have good explosion. From numbers perspective, those stats are extremely underwhelming.

38.7% overall FG, with a 36.6% 3pt. To be fair to him, most of his shots are 3pters, but it means he struggles to score everywhere else. Having a FG% that low is concerning. According to hoop-math, mid-range jumpers only account for 10.5% of his entire shots. He attempts a little under 30% of his shots at the rim, and converts them at a eh 53%. As a PG, he has an extremely underwhelming assist/to ratio at 1.5. 3.4asts to every 2.3tos. Tells me he doesn't necessarily have the floor general skills for a PG.

Just looking at raw numbers and his highlight vid above, I don't see how they justify having him at #11 overall. I know I haven't watched or scout him in depth, but with those numbers, I personally wouldn't bother to. If he was a physical freak of something like 6'5 with monster athleticism, then I would. But I don't see the appeal in an undersized PG who struggles with both scoring and facilitating.

Interesting to see NBADraft's rational behind him at #11....
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Re: Lamar Peters 

Post#3 » by VCfor3 » Mon Sep 11, 2017 2:11 pm

I'm an MSU fan but don't follow our team close at all due to now being in med school. I'm shocked he is ranked where he is tbh. He is a good player but he should be the second best player in the team behind weatherspoon (older bro). Weatherspoon went down early last season and Peters took over as the guy so maybe he did some impressive stuff after that.
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Re: Lamar Peters 

Post#4 » by nolang1 » Thu Sep 14, 2017 2:53 am

This looks to be mostly a function of the draft being very light on point guards. If you think Trevon Duval's jump shot is completely broken, there's going to a huge gap between Sexton and #2. Even then, recent years have yielded Kris Dunn at #5 and Cam Payne at #14, so I'd definitely shy away from using a lottery pick on a point guard who isn't an obvious stud. I can't even think of any above-average PG starters who were drafted more recently than Lillard, who is now entering his sixth season.
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Re: Lamar Peters 

Post#5 » by RobertGlory » Thu Jan 25, 2018 7:49 am

Probably a late bump, but Lamar might have the big shot gene in him... He went up against Mitchell Robinson in high school (whom briefly attended the same school as him), and said he was gonna drop 40 points on Twitter. He hit 12 3's that night and did get his 40.

He only really rose up in the mock drafts after Mitch had his issues with leaving WKU
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Re: Lamar Peters 

Post#6 » by SBM » Wed Apr 4, 2018 5:46 am

Lamar might develop next year.
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Re: Lamar Peters 

Post#7 » by Upperclass » Wed Apr 4, 2018 6:17 am

He looks and plays like a vintage 90's big east point guard. IDK what it is and idk what it means for his nba future lol
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Re: Lamar Peters 

Post#8 » by VCfor3 » Wed Apr 4, 2018 2:23 pm

He played well at the end of the season but I see him staying another year and then trying the draft especially since 2019 is supposedly weak. (I feel like every next draft is considered weak and then people fall in love with guys and decide it is actually an ok crop of players) He had some off court issues at one point and came of the bench for a while. Him and Nick Weatherspoon for MS State are worth watching next season and I think have a shot at being drafted though well outside the lottery.

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