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Re: Hall Of Fame Misses 

Post#81 » by GreatWhiteStiff » Fri Nov 12, 2021 9:52 am

clyde21 wrote:
UcanUwill wrote:
clyde21 wrote:I had Luka as the 7th best prospect last year. Two guys I had above him as Isaac Bonga and Dzanan Musa.

I'm surprised I'm allowed to show my face round these parts :lol:

Thats just insane.

yeah it's terrible. I'm pretty bad with international prospects honestly...and don't really understand the levels of competition there.

I still believe in Bonga/Musa though, but Doncic is making me look like an idiot.

What about bol?

With a record adjusted for fake wins/losses we are 16-12.
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Re: Hall Of Fame Misses 

Post#82 » by scrabbarista » Thu Dec 9, 2021 4:27 pm

scrabbarista wrote:Eh. I had Bamba #2 on my board (behind Luka, at least). Considering how strong the class looks so far, that may not age well. I'm pretty sure I've had worse misses, but that one is fresh in my mind.

Just checked my 2018 board. I was missing all over the place. I had Young 9th, right behind Kevin Knox. Yikes. I also had Ayton 5th, behind Bamba, JJJ, and Bagley.

My only defense is that my biggest gap was between #1 and #2, and I had Doncic #1.

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