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Josh Hall 

Post#1 » by BostonCouchGM » Thu Oct 15, 2020 1:00 am

6'9" 4 and 5 star prospect signed with an agent and will be entering the draft. He's currently #9 on my pre-Combine Big Board though he's likely going to fall. Closest comp is Brandon Ingram. I am a sucker for 6'8" and above guys with crisp handles who can bring the ball up the court, initiate offense, and score on all three levels. And I'll readily admit I have a blind spot for these types so am likely overrating him. However, Hall is the most offensively skilled wing in this class. He has KD type offense with catch and shoot, off dribble and step back threes, and he has a lethal mid-range pull-up game and can finish around the rim with touch and even surprisingly sneaky athleticism above and through contact.

Here he is (#5) putting up 51 pts.

He scores in a variety of ways and displays a real scorer's mentality. At the same time, he can pass and initiate the offense. He had a few And 1s finishing through contact. He's elite offensively. However, he is one of the laziest defenders I've ever watched on tape. There's nothing preventing him from becoming a good defender if he puts on some more muscle and tries. But he's sleep-walking out there. He seems to know where he's supposed to be but is just lacking effort and motivation? He doesn't box out on rebounds. He barely tries to stay in front of driving guys. He's nowhere to be found on help and a couple of times he doesn't even get back over the half-court line. Because his offense is so good, all he needs to do is become a slightly below average defender to make a major impact. And if he dedicated himself on that end and got good coaching, he has #1 or #2 type upside just like Ingram, Tatum, and KD. He seems like the classic full of himself because he's so skilled on offense that he has zero interest on defense. It's a major red flag. But what's worse, Hall with the ability to be good but no effort, or Toppin's lack of ability?

Even with his defense, it's no excuse for him to not be found on mock drafts by supposed draft gurus. He at least has potential unlike guys like Toppin. Basically you draft him for offense like you'd draft Gobert for defense. You know if you get any from the other side of the ball it's all gravy. The huge difference is, teams tend to give minutes to great defenders with zero offense over great offensive players with zero defense, at least initially. So barring him showing up to the combine with 20 extra pounds of muscle and super dedicated on the defensive side of the ball in drills, it's going to take a few years for him to get up to an acceptable level as a defender. And there's a big risk it never happens. But if he does!!

Hall is the definition of low floor/high ceiling to me. When it works out you get Giannis, Siakam, and Ingram. When it doesn't, you get nothing. At which point in the draft is that risk worth it? Maybe for a team with multiple picks or a team that can afford to be patient. Maybe a defensive team that needs offense and can hide him. If he had gone to Duke, gotten coached up, humbled a bit, and forced to play defense with effort, he's likely just as highly touted as any Duke's wings from the past. But he didn't. So we can only work with what we have. I wouldn't be surprised if he went anywhere from #7 to the Pistons who are in serious rebuild mode all the way #30 to the Celtics who have veterans that would hold him accountable on defense and he could plug in play as a catch and shoot specialist off the bench. What I can't imagine is him falling out of the first round. The only way that happens is if he's a knucklehead who interviews terribly.

Either way, as a potential first round pick, more people should be discussing him.
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Re: Josh Hall 

Post#2 » by Catchall » Thu Oct 15, 2020 1:40 am

I think he's draftable. He'll likely go in the mid-late 2nd round. His shooting touch is encouraging. His high center of gravity affects his ability to change directions on drives. I'd like to see him rebound more aggressively.
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Re: Josh Hall 

Post#3 » by Almond2Oak » Thu Oct 15, 2020 3:46 am

FWIW Josh Hall was a dude! Bill Self was ALL over this kid early... he’s got the early skills to be sick with the right franchise developing him and working with him.

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