Evaluate the Top Guys from the 2021 Draft Now

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Evaluate the Top Guys from the 2021 Draft Now 

Post#1 » by yoyoboy » Mon Nov 22, 2021 2:23 am

We've gone through Summer League, preseason, and about 20% of the NBA season now. What's changed for you since draft day? Who would you take going forward between Mobley, Barnes, Cade, Green, Sengun, and the rest? Any specific surprises or disappointments from players on the whole to specific aspects of their play?
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Re: Evaluate the Top Guys from the 2021 Draft Now 

Post#2 » by clyde21 » Mon Nov 22, 2021 2:33 am

these were my pre draft rankings

1 Evan Mobley
2 Cade Cunningham

3 Jalen Green
4 Jalen Suggs

5 Moses Moody
6 Jalen Johnson
7 Jaden Springer
8 Scottie Barnes
9 Jonathan Kuminga
10 Franz Wagner
11 Alperen Sengun
12 Usman Garuba
13 Brandon Boston Jr.
14 Keon Johnson

don't know if I'd change that much, still trust this list more or less, maybe Barnes to the top of T3 or even T2 based on the progression he's made since college from a scoring perspective but otherwise sticking to it.

probably should have stuck to my gut instinct on Giddey and kept him in T3, but ended up putting him just outside.

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Re: Evaluate the Top Guys from the 2021 Draft Now 

Post#3 » by eminence » Mon Nov 22, 2021 3:50 am

My final list, only listed guys I was hoping for for GS. Wasn't ranking Giddey because I hadn't followed him at all. Wagner/Moody/Murphy were probably my next little mini group.

Figured I should get in a final tier list.




Cade's looked pretty good and seems to be coming along, fine with him at #1. Probably move Mobley up there as well, dude's looked absurd so far. Feel better about where I had Barnes, but probably still just at the top of #2. Feel pretty good about most of the others. Most rookies haven't got enough time one way or the other to have strong changes in opinion on yet.

So a miss on Mobley for me (being off by a tier is bigger than being off in order for me).
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