Zach Edey, 7-4

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Zach Edey, 7-4 

Post#1 » by 12footrim » Wed Jan 5, 2022 8:11 pm

This is most insane individual statline I have ever seen and embarrassment of riches on one team.

47 PER. Not only is he having the most dominate per possession season ever by a significant margin I can find, he put a Wooden candidate and guy CBS rated the 6th best player in the nation in the preseason on the bench that is also having one of the best per possessions seasons ever as well.

I actually feel robbed just as a fan of basketball that we don't get to see more of both of these guys and what they could do in more minutes out of each others ways just as a person that likes to see the unprecedented. Their catch charts (5:50 on the video) are so different and they work in such different area's and Willimas is such a good passer (6.1 assist per 40) and ball handler it's hard to believe the coach can't figure out a way to play them together some too.
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Re: Zach Edey, 7-4 

Post#2 » by Ruzious » Wed Jan 5, 2022 8:28 pm

Man, those are 2 unusual players on a team with the most talented guard in the country, imo. It's absurd to have 2 guys that productive playing under 20 minutes a game. I think Williams has a good chance to be a solid NBA player, but he's gotta develop a decent 3 ball. Edey... maybe if he finds a team that'll play him 10 minutes a game.
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Re: Zach Edey, 7-4 

Post#3 » by Big J » Wed Jan 5, 2022 9:07 pm

He'll get run outta the gym in today's NBA. Get him a job washing office building windows or something.

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