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Spurs board visitors: READ 

Post#1 » by BombsquadSammy » Fri Jun 7, 2019 9:19 pm

Welcome to our board! If you're here to talk constructively about the Spurs or any other aspect of NBA basketball, we're glad you're here and we hope you'll enjoy your time.

Conversely, if you're here to give static to any RealGM member for any reason, save some time and bounce now. Whatever silly personal issues you may take with other RealGMers, be an adult and get over them. Going forward, harassment or provocation of any kind posted on this board directed at any member of this community will result in site-wide discipline, not just discipline on the Spurs board.

I realize that the overwhelming majority of y'all are above this sort of pabulum, but sadly, the worst of us sometimes make the most noise and thus warnings like this are necessary. To the rest of y'all: thanks for understanding.

Remember also that all RGM conduct guidelines apply to PMs, so you won't evade discipline by doing that garbage privately. Feel free to get at me in a PM if you have an issue with any of this.

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